Developer: Kadokawa Games, Ltd.
Publisher: Clouded Leopard Entertainment
Platforms: PS4, PS5
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 24/03/2022
Price: £49.99/$59.99
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

Relayer was a game I saw on the psn shop but knew little about it. All I knew it was mechs, and a SRPG styled gameplay, so I was sold. But is it worth it? 

The overall story arc of Relayer revolves around Star Children and Relayer. Relayers are aliens hell bent on wiping out all human life and causing anti gravity events. Star Children are humanity’s only hope to stop the Relayers. 

One of the annoying story arcs is that of Terra, our main character and her sister Luna, a Star Child who is fighting for the Relayers. All because Terra couldn’t keep hold of her hand after the Relayers destroyed their home as a child. It is the first story arc, but it is so poor. 

However, after this wee blip in the story opens up and gets deep and great. The story makes sure you learn everything about everyone and everything. This is perfect for a lore nut like me. 

Relayer gameplay

Mecha Battles

The Mecha Battles are enjoyable and are not complicated, making it fun and easy to pick up and play. There is nothing surprising about battles, turn-based moves, and attack rounds until the enemy is dead. 

There are a few nuances: there are four weapon types: swords, machine guns, sniper rifles, and bits. Each having their own attack range. Meaning you have to attack enemies outside or inside their attack ranges as if you attack with the same attack range the enemy will counter attack. 

Like a classical turn-based SRPG, each unit will gain EXP when attacking and destroying the enemy. Making sure that all units are used to their maximum potential. As they level up, they will gain access to new moves and buffs. That are a must in the later fights. 

Visual Novel vs Turn-Based SRPG

Relayer takes two very distinct visual styles. 

In the SRPG sections is a weird mix of poor looking mecha, boring areas, cool attacks and stunning backgrounds. The mecha while in the area and moving look very simple and almost blocky with an annoying hue around them. The actual arena areas look lifeless for the most part, with few simple assets on there. However, there is a complete change when an attack is started. There are some really cool attack sequences. That if you have played and SD Gundam game, you will be familiar with. These do slow down gameplay but can be skipped by pressing options. And the surrounding area around the arena is just wow to look at. 

When it comes to the visual novel sections, the art style is hand painted with water colouring anime styles characters and world. These are just simply beautiful. And that’s a good thing as most of the game is a visual novel. 

Overall, Relayer is a fantastic visual novel with a decent SRPG. As long as you don’t mind finding out everything about everyone. There is more story than battles. However, both elements are enjoyable. 

I would say it is a buy but at the price it’s worth trying the demo first.  


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