Developer: RunicCodes
Publisher: Shinyuden
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 18/01/2021
Price£6.29 £5.66/$6.99 $6.29
*On Sale until 25/01/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

Red Colony is an Ecchi survival horror game. Set on Mars, the colony is celebrating its 100 years of Earth independence. You play as Maria, who is the CEO of LAB. She is on her way to celebrate, only to awake in a warehouse. Zombies have taken over the colony. She has to find her daughter and if that’s not enough, her husband is cheating on Maria. Talk about a bad day.

The story is weak, there is not much to it. I have a feeling the game is meant to feel like an 80s sort of B-Movie, but this is bad for even that. The story has Maria visiting several locations because of some very flimsy reasons.


Gameplay is simple, it is a 2D puzzle game with Zombies. Survival horror is a stretch, it follows the basic formula small selection of guns, limited ammo and zombies. That list it unfortunately where it starts and stops, in terms of survival horror. Most of the zombie encounters can be missed by some well-planned party goes placing table where most zombies are, crawl under it and you safe (Maria thanks you).

Red Colony has its share of puzzles. Each puzzle is simple and not much thought is needed to solve them. The hardest part of each puzzle is getting the code for each one. They will be close by, but they feel so mundane after a while.

Graphically Red Colony makes it hard to take it as a horror title from the character models alone. Maira has a chest that looks like we could use them as flotation aids. This goes for all the female cast. One little thing I notice is Maira’s hands with nothing in them. She runs with them together and with a finger on an imaginary trigger, the same goes for the knife. Last thing; when she runs, it looks like she is limping.

Red Colony is about two hours long and is not at all hard to beat. With no real reply value.


Red Colony is a hard sell to the fans of survival horror and a hard sell to puzzle game lovers. Everything is two simple maybe adding some more depth to the game it would have been more palatable.


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