Developer: Double Damage Games
Publisher: Double Damage Games
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 22/09/2020
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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You take control of Juno Markev, who is out to get revenge for the murder of her husband. After tracking down his killer, Juno fails to take him out and instead is forced to crash land her ship. A friend helps Juno out and gets her flying again, in the worst ship imaginable. Still bent on revenge, Juno must work her way back up from rock bottom to achieve her goal.

As for the story, there are some here and there on main missions, but it’s nothing that will blow your mind. We get to know more about Juno in some cut-scenes at space stations while she talks to NPCs. There are plenty of weird and wonderful aliens to meet and humans. However, most story elements are geared towards the mission you are doing.


Rebel Galaxy Outlaw in terms of visuals can be summed up in four words “Out of this world.” The game is stunning from the nebulas, and the astroids, to the dogfights and spaceships exploding and debris is sent in to space. The ships are stunning and the space stations offt. This is understandable as it was 6 years since the original Rebel Galaxy back in 2015 was released.

Let’s not forget the amazing soundtrack of 200 songs. This Sound track has to be one of the best in any game I have played in a long time. The tracks are real world songs, not just instrumentals. Some song are covers given that Firefly western style feeling.

As for gameplay, the Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, feels as great as good as it looks. From the cockpit view there is a feeling of emersion with the limited view and all the screens and the lights and screens making everything feel compact and close. There is a 3rd person view as well for a more arcade style feel as well as this will help see the world around you.

The main gameplay loop is basically get on a space staion, pick missions to do talk to anyone you need to go out do mission. Then get paid, repair your ship, buy upgrades, then off you go again. This is the entire game, there are a few types of missions, like smuggling, escort, protection and so forth, this is where the game has limited its self. After a good few hours, you will start to feel a bit fatigued at another protection mission. As the game will force you to grind for better weapons and ships. A little too much, in my humble opinion. If this your thing then not a problem I just felt it was a bit repetitive.


Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is a great looking and feeling game, with an outstanding soundtrack. This makes up way more than the grind that has to be put in. I really enjoyed my time with the game (grind included) and this is what the first game should have been.


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