Developer: Ragtag Studio
PublisherRagtag Studio
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One PC
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 29/10/2020
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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You take control of the titles suggests Ray who has met an unfortunate end, only to be resurrected with no idea who he is or where he is. From there you set off to find out what has happened and stop the crazy old guy who resurrected you. As well as control hordes of the undead with a strange light bulb on your head (I don’t know why either).

The story is not the best, and a does not add much to the game overall. Except a medium to keep the game going and new level and mechanics to be introduced.

Ray's The Dead summon

Ray’s the Dead gameplay is simple and easy to get in to, however is also a very weak part of the game. Ray can resurrect the recent departed both buried or just killed to add to his hoard of the undead. Doing so will add to how much damage can be dished out to the enemies. The game is basically spam the attack button until you killed everything and resurrected them.

The developers tried to add some changes to the gameplay with making Ray keep away from trick and treaters so they do not realise you are dead, and not just a good costume. And some part where you need to keep away from fire by huddling up and keeping the hoard close to you having more control. Lastly, you can send zombies off to complete puzzles.

The best elements in Ray’s the Dead are in the visual and audio departments. I love the visual 2D paper styled characters and to top it off they are cartoon styled and they look outstanding. Thay work really well with the 80s themed levels.

The music is the 80s personified with its electro pop style tunes, that will stick in your head after playing for a short while. With some track giving a Michael Jackson Thiller feel. If you love the 80s you will feel at home here.

ray's the dead boss

For me Ray’s the Dead has nailed the looks and sounds but let the gameplay slip. It is a shame as I love these sorts of off the wall style games and controlling Zombies is such a great idea. There is so much potential for this game, and so many ways it could have played out. It is a right shame the ball was dropped on gameplay.


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