Developer: Cotton Games
Publisher: ORENDA
Platforms: Switch
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 27/06/2019
Price: £5.96/$7.58

[ Introduction ]

With the torrent of games releases on the ever-growing eShop, like the game¬†Fox n Forests, it’s easy to miss a game such as this.

You play as a Cat, who has travelled to Rain City to find his sister who has gone missing. You will be taken on a strange adventure, helping the residents of Rain City along the way.

The story is a nice short one with weird and wonderful characters, that will have you invested in, for the short time you play.

rain city review [switch] environment

[ Gameplay ]

Rain City is a Point-and-Click Adventure game. There’s not too much to the mechanics. The gameplay is centred on puzzle rooms. These vary, as solving some are part of a bigger puzzle, while others will just be small self-contained puzzles, that advance the plot in some way.

The controls are fine, and the addition of touch screen controls are always welcome in a game like this. The only slight issue with the touch screen; when you tap for the Cat to move, he will walk into a surface and hug it to the designated area. It seems the Cat has been coded to walk from where ever he is on the screen until he is horizontally in line with the destination, and then a straight to the point clicked. Something just felt off and unpolished about this way of movement. Luckily, you can still use the left stick for more tradition movement control. I only used the touch screen to move objects around the screen for ease, but even then there were issues sometimes trying to select items this way. Luckily I only used this for a couple of puzzles.

The big downside with all games like Rain City is replayability is almost zero. Once you know a puzzle that’s really it.

I enjoyed the puzzles on offer here; some required some really out the box thinking. Then some seemed almost impossible, and took a while of just staring at the screen, then cursing yourself when the answer is right in front of you!

rain city review [switch] puzzle 1

[ Visual and Perfomance ]

The first thing of note about the graphics are they are beautiful. Hand-drawn stunning backdrops and characters. It reminded me of a children’s book or film.

There was few translation problems, but nothing that causes too much issue. As touched on earlier, some of the touch screen functionality could be better. Again not a massive problem as you can still use the traditional controls.

rain city review [switch] puzzle 2

[ Sound ]

The soundtrack is a backdrop of rainfall that is never-ending in Rain City, to give off a somewhat gloomy feel. Imagine being in a place where all it does is rain? depressing, right? This game nails it. The sound effects are decent. Doing a job allowing the player to know something is happening even if they missed the visual cue.

There is no voice acting that would have been an excellent addition.

The sound effects are decent enough, did its job. The rain was the best part of the sound design

rain city review [switch] puzzle 3

[ Conclusion ]

Rain City does well at what it is, a point-and-click adventure.

It does deliver some interesting puzzles along with a beautiful art style. If you are a fan of these games, it could be worth a purchase. Even more so with the price tag.

The only real disappointments are the lack of replayability and some of the touch screen functionality.