Raging Loop

Developer: KEMCO
Publisher: PQube
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 18/10/2019
Price: £24.99/$29.99
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[ Introduction ]

Raging Loop is a Psychological Horror Visual Novel set in the remote town of Yasumizu. After getting lost on a  back-road, Haruaki Fusaishi falls off his bike,  then manages his way to a cursed village with no means of escape. And if that was not bad enough it was on the night that the God comes hunting.

The story is fantastic in Raging Loop, KEMCO has done a great job with weaving together one of the best stories on the Switch. I would love to go into further detail on the story, however, that will ruin the game…and I can’t do that.

Raging Loop bike

[ Gameplay ]

With is being a Visual Novel, Raging Loop does not have many mechanics to discuss. It is more about enjoying the story. There are a few cool mechanics the game uses to make the story even better.

  • It will be up to you to decide the fate of not only Fusaishi but the entire village.
  • To help with replay-ability, there are a fair few branching arcs to explore.
  • A new gameplay style mode that unlocks Revelation Mode. Here you see the story from another angle…worth the extra time.

There is not much more to say as the main point is to read.

Raging Loop choice

[ Visual and Perfomance ]

Raging Loop has the old ’90s anime style, that KEMCO still employees today, but mainly with the character avatars. I would love to see more of this art style. The game is beautiful, and there is something about the graphics that makes the story even more haunting.

There were no performance issues or bugs to report.

Raging Loop God

[ Sound ]

The sound design is good. It adds the horror touch that is needed, not overbearing, but adds to the mood of the game. As like most Visual Novels, Raging Loop’s voice actors do an outstanding job of conveying the mood in the story.

Raging Loop talking

[ Conclusion ]

Overall Raging Loop is a must-play or should I say read? The story is fantastic; the atmosphere is just perfect. The addition of the Revelations Mode makes going through it again worthwhile. I would like to see KEMCO go back to making more of these… here’s hoping.
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