Developer: Gaming Minds Studios
Publisher: Kalypso Media
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 21/05/2021
Price: Buccaneers DLC £3.99/$4.99
Port Royale 4 £44.99/$49.99
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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So here we are finally, after a long wait we can become Pirates in Port Royale 4. With the Buccaneers expansion.

Buccaneers mode is available in free game, this is a free roam where you can do what you like to learn the mechanics and so on before tackling the main game. The major difference is that you can engage in ship battles in a turn-based battle system and a few other things.


As with the base game Port Royale 4 Buccaneers you still need to create the game and pick the starting nation, as well as difficulty. Mostly the game plays the same you can trade, expand your own town, produce products and so on. Now we have a few add-ons to the game.

When you are playing as a Pirate you are free to attack anyone you like except your own nation. Here is where the game gets fun. When close to a ship from another country, you have the option to engage them in battle. Before the battle begins, you will get a summary of both fleets. This will include how many ships, how much crew is aboard, gun and attack power. When you enter battle, you are sent to a hexagonal grid where you can move your ship(s) in a turn based style and attack other ships. There are three main tactics to use, attack where you will fire on the ship or board them. As your captain levels you, you can get abilities like setting grids on fire to block movement or call the Kraken to hold a ship in place as well as damage. 

It is also possible to annex other ports to add to your own nation, to grown in power along with build up your own port as well. One thing I must warn you about, however, as you take on more ships and your fame and infamy rise, you will be hunted down by Pirate Hunters. These are fights you will get destroyed in the start of your career as a Pirate. As these fleets are formed to do one thing kil pirates.

Port Royale 4 Buccaneers is worth every penny if you own the base game. Seriously, go get it now what are you doing still reading. If you do not own Port Royale 4, it is a bit of an investment, it could be worth holding off for a good sale on Port Royale 4 as it is not for everyone.

However, as this is a DLC review I have to recommend it as a must buy for all Port Royale 4 fans.


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