Developer: ILCA
Platforms: Switch
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 19/11/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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As the trend for remakes and remasters continues to grow and gain more traction. There is a mix bad of good and awful (I am looking at you Parappa The Rapper). Now it’s Nintendo’s turn with Diamond and Pearl. Now Brillant Diamond and Brilliant Pearl. 

Imagin if you will; the bygone age of 2006, and Pokemon Diamond and Pearl were the most wanted game that year on the DS. And for good reason, it introduced players to the Sinnoh region, new Gen 4, starter and roster of Pokemon to collect. The same tried and tested story and yet another evil group to take down. All while finding and collecting every Pokemon you can. No gimmicks, no DLC, just good old fashion fun.

Fast forward to 2021, Game Freak handed the development over to ILCA, who are not the best known developers to take on the task of re-mastering this arguably the best Pokemon has offered. And they have kept to original formula with only a few changes. Is it any good?


The Good

ILCA has done a fairly OK job of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond. From keeping to the Story and encounters, and the overall relaxing feeling of the original.

The battles are simply stunning. With loads of detail in the background and some stunning attack animations.

The Grand Underground is amazing. This is where you can spend your time leveling up your team. Or catching the Pokemon you have not encountered or have not yet caught. However, in this area all Pokemon or visible in the over-world, so aiming for a particular Pokemon is simpler.

The HMs have been made simpler and less annoying. Instead of having the Pokemon with the required move learnt in your party, it is now selectable at anytime regardless of team set up.

The Bad 

There are plenty of problems with Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, and unfortunately they far outweigh the good.

While the battles look amazing, the Chibi over world graphics are a total contrast. Think of a Funko Pop and a Mii had a baby and you get the idea. It looks terrible. Not to mention the lack of character the world has. Except the water. Wish ILCA just used the battle models.

This remake could have changed the lack of fire-type Pokemon on Sinnoh, but alas, this was not to be. This makes the game still feel unbalanced.

Leveling is stupidly easy. Once the Grand Underground is unlocked, you can over level your team(s) in no time. If you are lucky and find the overly powered Pokemon and catch them, the next 10-15 hours will be easy. It takes the fun out of it.

Overall, I feel I set my hope to high for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond. It is basically the same game, but with no soul. I know it is a remake, but a remaster would have done, with a few tweaks.

I had fun for a while, but it did not hold my interest like the original, and that goddamn art style WHY!!!


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