Developer: Nippon Ichi Softwear
Platforms: PS4, Switch
Reviewed On: PS4
Release Date: 16/04/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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We are back with the Crazy games of Nippon Ichi software as they bring up a stylish pink 3rd Person shooter, RPG, cleaning game Poison Control and a Prinny or two Dood. Also I need to know how some of the Nippon Ichi games get presented as an idea and pass in to production.

You take control of a human who has been sent to hell, why? We don’t know. Right away you are attacked and eaten by a Kleshas, who turns out in to Poisonette. You are now a skeleton on the floor. Poisonette is your typical Nippon Ichi Tit-ular character who wanted your body so she can return to her old self and escape from Hell.

After a simple character creater Poison Control drops you in to your first dungeon know as ‘Bells Hell.’ Poisonette tell you that you are both ‘Soul-Mates’ as she jumps back in to your literal bones and gives you your body back. It is up to both of you to clear the Belles Hells and purify the hearts of the fallen and deluded. In order get five golden tickets to have your wishes granted.

SO yeah. Digest that. The story is actually interesting, and the Kleshas are based on the Buddhist term. Kleshas are mental states that cloud the mind and manifest in unwholesome actions.


What is Poison Control? It is in short a dungeon crawler, action RPG where you have to purify, girls hells. Yeah do not worry I will break it down for you, or atl least try.

Bells Hell

Poison Control sees you running around ‘Bell Hell’, where the girl’s delusions have taken over, and she has entered her own hell. As you progress through the dungeon, you will uncover each of the girls’ stories by talking to her soul. We complete hells in two ways: using a convent arm cannon and Poisonette ability to clear up mire in the hells.

The arm cannon is used to kill Kleshans by blasting them and reducing their life to zero. To begin with, the arm cannon uses poison to fuel it think of it as a pistol. After completing a dungeon or two, you will unlock new bullet types.

Poisonette will clear up the mire on the floor by running over it she can only do so for a limited time. If a Kleshan is in the mire that going to be purified when Poisonette return to your body, they will be hurt. There are are few reasons you would want to clean the mire of the floor;
1. Stops you from being hurt
2. EXP for free.
3. Drops (bullets, HP, coins)
4. We need to, as cleaning a % of mire is a mission it will task you with during a hell. (also goes for killing Kleshans).

Two more aspects

In the bottom right-hand corner of the HUD there are three butterflies. for about six dungeons, I did not know what they were for. They are continues if you die in a dungeon you will be resurrected and be able to attempt the dungeon again from the start. They can be refilled slowly by cleaning mire and I mean slowly. Also, there is a radio with attack over it, this is a small AOE ability that does high damage and is very useful in the latter part of the game.


After a Bell’s Hell is competed. This means collecting all the tokens within the game from the golden chests. The girl of that Hell will join you and be one of four equipment types, all poison related.
Toxicants – Guns the auto reload and can be upgrade to have four equipped.
Deliriants – Special powerful guns that need ammo, i.e. explosive bullets.
Antidotes – Defence item i.e. increase defence and how much the mire will affect you
Catalyst – Special item i.e. increased drop rate.

The money that you find throughout the hells can upgrade each of these girls. Improving their stats and the effects they have in the slot. That is all money is for.


I am not going to lie, Poison Control is a uniquely styled game and I love it. The Pink hue to the hells. And each of the 24 hells are unique to the Kleshans delusions. As you uncover the story, these are all based on the delusions. It has a Persona 5 feel to the overall look.


There are parts of the game’s mechanics that I am totally lost on, and they make no sense. When cleaning the mire, parts of it will turn gold, no idea why parts do this or why. The mire produces items and coins at random, regardless of how much you get rid of in the time you have. Also, chest will be produced when cleaning the mire. (Blue – these drop coins and items and Gold – Story Item or poison gem).
WHY DOES IT HAPPEN! – My conclusion is the Bells Hell’s are playing with your mind.


Even with Poison Control being really bloody confusing on paper, it plays really well and is loads of fun to progress and find out what has made these girls go the way they have. Poison Control is more that it parts and comes to ether to make something weir and fun.

Poison control is a crazy flawed fun entertaining mash up. It will not be for everyone, but if you are Nippon Ichi fan, it will be right up your street.


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