Developer: Valorware
Publisher: Valorware
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 10/02/2022
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Pinku Cult Hex Morits is set in the grim and downright ominous city of Razor City. You are hired; well forced to work for the totally on the level Shokan Corp. Your job is to find out what is causing and stop a string of mysterious disappearances throughout the city.

It does not take you long to find out that most of the city’s problems and demonic goings-on are caused by a girl in a fox mask. Will you be able to stop her or will the city be overrun by demons?

The story its self is nothing amazing, it plays out almost like a teen cartoon. It made me think of Monster High. 

Pinku Kult Hex Morits games


Pinku Cult Hex Morits is a 2D RPG where you wander around a city during the day to find out what’s happening to people or weird events. Then at night you will investigate the event. This normally ends up you and your party in an alternative dimension fight off weird and interesting looking demons. 

The battles are a JRPG styled turn-based style. With the usual set up attack, skills, items, retreat. There is nothing that will have you thinking ‘Oh, this is difficult’ for the most part. The normal mobs are total push over, there is no need to worry. But Bosses are well a different ball game. 

The difficulty jumps up with boss encounters. With each boss having three phases, unknown but loads of health and more and more powerful attacks each stage. The first boss I was not at all expecting this large a jump in power. 

I Just Don’t Know

Pinku Cult Hex Morits is not a hard game, nor is it long. There is plenty of charm on show, but it feels empty. It feels like the game wants you to finish it. For example, I was level 17 in less than 45 minutes. There I feel is where the game falls. 

The pacing is really fast. It gives enough of a reason why the world is how it is and the girl with the mask is doing what she is doing. Yet, the story feels like it is lacking attention and some expansion. 

Overall, Pinku Cult Hex Morits is not a bad game, just another teen cartoon story of love, death, mystery all wrapped up in a neat little package. The graphics alone are worth playing the game for.

This is by no means a must play game, however, if you have a spare 3-4 hours could be a nice time filler.


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