Developer: Omega ForceP Studio
Platforms: PS4, PS5, Switch, PC
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 23/02/2020
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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The Phanom Thieves are back! In this new adventure Persona 5 Stikers (P5S). Taking place just a few months after the events of Persona 5, we see the Joker and the crew setting up their summer vacation plans. After deciding to go camping and relax, things go awry. With the launch of a new App called EMMA, this search app and virtual assistant has grown in popularity. It also has a friend’s function that allows people to connect via the use of a Keyword. The Thieves are accidentally teleported back to the Meta-Verse after using a Keyword. Where they learn Desires are being stolen by a Monach, the ruler of the Jail. So they take it upon themselves to save the desires and take down the Monarchs of each Jail.

Little did they know that this will have a bit of a knock on effect to their summer plans. Desires are being stolen all over Japan, not just in Tokyo. As this is only a few months after the events of Person 5, the police are looking to pin this on the Thieves and are chasing them down. This leads to Joker and his crew going all over Japan, saving people’s desires. While trying to locate the mastermind of the jails and Monarchs and yet again clear their names.

P5S is yet another marvellous story with many varying reasons people steal desires. With each location, visited comes a great cast of character and locations all give the Persona style. As the story progresses with each Jail, there are all the story elements there that made Persona 5 loved by so many. Let’s not forget the new team members they will meet.


P5S major change is the battle system. Let start of with this will be a little divisive between fans of both Persona and Musou (Dynasty Warriors style) fans. With P5S lands somewhere in the middle of these two franchises.

P5S takes aspects from both game styles and makes something I would consider ‘safe’. From Persona it takes all the aesthetics, story telling, world building and so on. From Musou it takes the hack and slash style combat, while keeping all the battle mechanics from Persona 5. Why then would I consider this ‘safe?’ Lets break it down.

For starters, while creating P5S, I am sure the developers over a P Studios did not want to alienate their fans. So they kept everything that made Persona 5 for the fans but added in Hack-and-Slash style battles that will appeal to players who are not turn-based fans.

With Omega Force in for P5S’ battle system, there were some changes in their normal style of games. We know these guys for 100’s of enemies on screen at once for the player to blow away like they are inconvenient pests that need squashing. However, in P5S the battles are smaller isolated affairs, this allows for keeping in the ambushes. Joker and up to three other Thieves will face off with up to about 30 enemies on screen.

Even with Omega Force changing their battle style, they have still added in Persona summons, All-Out Attacks, Showtime Attacks, elemental weaknesses and so on. In to an over the top Hack-And-Slash experience. Let alone keeping each of the Thieves over all play style intact, for example Skull, uses big powerful slower hits, whereas Panter uses her whip to hit multiple targets but with less force. To be honest, Omega Force did an amazing Job.

As you can see, there are parts of both games so that players are not totally alienate any fan. It will, however, tick fans of both turn based and Musou style games as it is neither.

While trying to get P5S gameplay to work and keep all the style of the Persona 5, there comes a few problems. There are a few areas that you will need to fiddle with ALOT. First, I found I spent too much time in swapping my team about, as non active party members level up slower than active members. As everyone bar Joker has one Persona, it is imperative to keep them around the same level for elemental weakness damage.

Characters can be swapped by pressing left, right, up on the D-pad, giving them a slight boost in power speed and the speed that Showtime attacks levels up. Fight’s can feel dragged out more so boss battles, as these buggers have a ton of health and a knockdown bar, that needs to be used to get maximum damage. To knock them down, elemental weaknesses need to be used.

There is a lot to the fights and they may take a while to get used to, just do a few fights and you will get it. There is plenty of time to get acquainted with the systems with about 70 hours of gameplay in P5S.

However, the game is not perfect. There are some frame rate issues, even on PS4 Pro. There are some texture problems, parts of the world look Janky.


P5S is a great game that needs to be played by fans of the franchise. I felt it will not be for Musou fans. Even with how well Omega Force has done, it is just not to the grand scale the fans want.

It is amazing how well P5S has transitioned to a Hack-and-Slash and kept almost every element from Persona 5. So this is a must be for Persona fans.


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