Developer: Cereal Games
Publisher: Badland Publishing
Platforms: PS4, Switch, XBox One, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 27/05/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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One film genera that needs to be revived is film noir I have been a massive fan of Nior, The Maltese Falcon, The Post Man Always Ring Twice and Double Indemnity, to name a few. If we are not going to get films at least we have a few games to tie us over with, L.A. Noir, White Night and now Pecaminosa. Noir will never be a mainstream style game but they lead to some interesting games none the less.

You play as John Souza, a disgraced detective who has found nothing at the bottle of the bottle bar more problems. He lives in the city of Pecaminosa on the border of the U.S.A and Mexico, where crime is the law and the police struggle to cope. A dead mobster Charlie ‘Two Angels’ and two of his goons visit one night while in drunken stupor John to give him his next job and clear his conscious. Charlie wants John to round up his old crew so they can finally gain entrance to heaven.
As you progress though the game, the events that have happened start to make sense, and it leads to a decent narrative. With this being a Noir styled game this is pretty much a must have.


At is core Pecaminosa is an Action RPG with twin stick shooting. And it works really well together. In the beginning you have to do some fisticuffs to get your first pistol. For melee combat, you have to block in order to get the hits in this makes for a somewhat tactical approach to this aspect. Once John gets his gun, the game turns in to a twin stick shooter. There is plenty of other gun to get your hands on, one aspect I like is we use the ammo for all guns making ammo hunting is unnecessary as ammo is plentiful. 

As you put lead in to the enemies you will gain EXP, as you level up you will need to make some L.I.F.E choices. This is Pecaminosa level up system. There are only four stats to decide between Luck, Intelligence, Force, and Endurance. Depending on what you decide to level up will change how John interacts with the world. As the game is a few hours long, you will not get to fully level up each stat so I recommend picking two and sticking with them. Along with leveling up John will find and purchase clothing to wear that can boost stats and increase his defences.

The areas John will visit not just Pecaminosa, are open world you can go whatever direction you like to, talk to different NPCs and fill enemies full of lead as there seems to be a lot of them. As you talk to NPCs you will come across venders at will sell ammo, better gun and clothing. So keeping an eye on your money is a must do, as you will need it for better weapons. Running low you could always try your hand at the blackjack tables. Its a nice wee mini game that fits the world perfectly.

Overall Pecaminosa is a great wee action RPG, with some great writing, a good cast of stereotypical Noir villains and side characters you would expect. With a suprsingly deep but simple level up system. There is not much wrong with the game just very short, so if you are looking for a game that going to last you will be dispointed here.


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