Manufacture: PB Tails
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Price$49.99 $44.91 (Website) Currently on sale *unknown finish date*
£49.99 (Amazon)
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review unit.

What They Say

🎮 Retro Inspired Design

The PB Tails CHOC Wireless Gaming Controller is crafted with shaped edges and extreme straight lines.

🎮 Versatile Compatibility
Works flawlessly with your PC, Mac, IOS (13 & above), Smart TV, STEAM, Nintendo Switch (V1, V2, Switch OLED, and Lite), Windows, Raspberry Pi, and other devices.

🎮 Take Anywhere. Be Ready Anytime.
The CHOC Controller is stylish and portable. It’s the gaming sidekick you can carry with you anywhere.

🎮 Six-Axis Motion Control
Equipped with a built-in 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis acceleration sensor, our gaming controller gives you complete & precise control.

🎮 Immersive Vibration-based Play
Using asymmetric vibrating motors connected to the 2 claw grips. Enjoy precise vibrations that react independently with any in-game mechanics.

🎮 Turbo-mode
Don’t be doomed with slower firepower! No need to multi-tap, just press and hold the button for automatic rapid-fire!

A Few More Details

  • The PB Tails CHOC comes in four different colours; UBAN STEEL, DRUNK ROSE, CYBER TANK and TOXIC FROG. With my personal favorite being DRUNK ROSE (Just saying PB Tails).
  • There are two editions, the normal and the deluxe. The difference is the deluxe comes with a hard case. I can tell you now with three young kids in the house that case has been a lifesaver for this wee controller. There is a price increase of $10 for the case.
  • Your PB Tails CHOC can have a personalised engraving.
  • Started its life on Kickstarter. With the project looking for HK$10,000 and raised $300,285.
    PB Tails also sell other accessories, because of the Kickstarter funds.

What We Think

Now let’s get down to the key question. Is it any good? It is but has one slight problem for myself (and I will guess others)

The overall design of the PT Tails CHOC controller is both unique and functional. PB Tails have designed the controller with the use of geometric squares. This makes the controller both cool looking but ergonomic as well. With the sharp angles because of the squares edges, it sat almost perfectly in my hand and between my knuckles. 
The controller also is thin, making it feel somewhat more retro and less chunky than modern controllers. To add to the retro feel, the shoulder buttons are now in a line and not stacked.

It is very light to hold. It also feels well built and robust. Again, with three little kids is a good thing. It does not break easily and can take a few drops. They definitely built the controller to last.

When it comes to playing, the PB Tails controller is great. I had no problems, and I have used this pad for 60+ hours in my short time using it. Nothing on this controller feels cheaply made. Each button press on the A, B, X and Y had a little resistance with a nice click when the button is fully depressed. Same goes for the D-Pad. The analog sticks also have a bit of resistance to them. This feels great and allows for better control over the movements in games.

One Small Problem

There is one drawback to the PB Tails CHOC, this being its overall size. Coming in at 12 cm by 8 cm, it is rather small (look at the UBAN STEEL picture). I do not have massive hands, but they are on the larger side. It took some adjusting to get the feel right. So for folks with big hands, I doubt it would be useable. 

Overall, the PB Tails CHOC is a cool-looking controller that works fantastically. I would have liked the controller to be slightly bigger, and this will limit some people from buying it. The case is a must have as well. If you have young kids, just do it. You can thank me later.

If you are looking for a compact, usable and well-built pad, this could be for you. It is worth checking out.


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