Developer: Exe-Create
Publisher: KEMCO
Platforms: PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Serise X, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 07/07/2022
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Overrouge is a Dungeon Crawling deck building RPG in the Underworld. You play as Sael, the son of the 444th and current Overlord. The Selection Battles have started to decide who will be the next Overlord. 

In order to be the next Overlord, Sael needs to complete the ever changing Labyrinths and collect the Sagan Crystals. There is just one catch: Sael has no want to be the next Overlord. 

Overrouge’s story is surprisingly entertaining, very lighthearted. 

Overrogue game

It’s Time To Labyrinth Battles 

When entering a Labyrinth, you start with only your base cards. And as you progress, you will receive more cards that will buff your power. 

You start with three action points, and each card has a point value. The rule of thumb is the higher value the card shows how powerful it is. Attacking cards are simple, they cause damage. With some having extra abilities like Switch. Buff and debuff cards work, as they say, adding buffs to the party or removing buffs from enemies. There are also Monty cards. These are free to use cards with varying effects. 

The fights themselves are turn-based, with party members being able to use their three action points. There is a massive tactical element even with it being a simple mechanic. 


Overrouge has a Swap feature that does what it says, swaps the party around, so the middle character in the group and the front becomes the back. This needs to be used as dependent on the position of the character will depend on what buff or role you play. 

In the front you are a tank and the only character to take damage. The middle gets a speed buff and can attack more. With the back getting healed each round. So mixing swap in to your moves is the only way to survive. 


The cards have different themes that will allow for different gameplay styles. Allowing to mix up the gameplay. On top of this, there is a gatcha mechanic in play where you spend your currency on using these machines. 

You have the chance to get different cards that will be added to the random allocation for each run. With also stickers, these give Sael a permanent buffs. 


Each level of Overrouge’s Labyrinth will have multiple rooms, each with connecting paths that determine what route you can take. There are multiple rooms you will encounter, battles, strong battles, card shop, upgrade, events, alters, treasure and rest areas. Each room has its own benefits. 

For instance, Events are short cutscene with a choice to make at the end (for most). The choice you make will determine the reward and possible punishment you get. Strong battles are mini boss type bosses that will give better rewards and so on. So deciding the best route is paramount to a successful run. 

Overall, Overlord is a fun Roguelike with a nice wee twist on a card builder. But it does not reinvent the wheel, just puts a wee twist on the gameplay. Not an overly bad thing, just noting new. 

Even with this said, Overlord is worth playing. 


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