Developer: Nine Dots Studio
Publisher: Koch Media
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 26/03/2019
Price: £34.99/$39.99
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

[ Introduction ]

Outward has been out for a while, but I figured we would give it a bash anyway. It’s one of the games I have seen and wondered is it any good? Let’s find out together.

The gist of the story is you wake up washed ashore and discover it is your island. However, you are in a blood debt and you have to pay the village within 5 days. 

After this it is up to you how the story plays out as Outward is an open ended game where you are free to go where and do what you like.

outward co-op

[ Gameplay ]

The gameplay in Outward is ARPG styled open world exploration. It is not an easy game in the slightest. You must train yourself up to be able to survive, unlike more common ARPG where you go head first in to a group of enemies kill them all. It feels more like Dark Souls in terms of difficulty rather than a hack and slash style ARPG. 

With that said here is the first problem with Outward, the fact that taking on a group of enemies is nearly impossible at the beginning. A lot of strategy is required for any battle. On the surface this does not sound bad, however, one enemy can decimate you in just a few hits.

Also, there is a big survival element to the game encompassing eating, drinking and camp management. The character can carry as much as the inventory bag lets them so planning needs to be done here too. All in all there is plenty to keep a player busy in theory. The world is massive with towns and settlements dotted about the map. These destinations are where the player can receive missions and stock up.

There is a multiplayer option. I could not find a game to play when I was online though and is concerning.

outward dungeon

[ Visual and Perfomance ]

Outward does have its fair share of issues. The main problem is the controls, especially in fights, because there are delays with inputs and magic take AGES to cast.

The graphics have even more problems. There was a lot of pop-in and textures not loading. I was not impressed with the looks of the game. Some magic spells looked cool, otherwise Outward disappoints visually.

outward fire

[ Sound ]

The sound was not much better than the sights either. Just okay with nothing that popped out. The soundtrack is also forgettable as well.

outward world

[ Conclusion ]

Overall, Outward is an ambitious game that falls short of the goal. The developers should do some work to fix the controls to make them feel tighter, this would make the game feel much better. Even if the glitches and graphics are not fixed, the game would be a million times better with improved mechanics.
I would wait for a massive sale or for news on the developers fixing the bigger issues.
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