Developer: People Can Fly
Publisher: Square-Enix
Platforms: PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Serise X, PC, Stadia
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 01/04/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Here we go! Let’s take a look at Outriders on the PS4, Square-Enix’s alien killing blood splattering 3rd person shooter. I had some mixed feelings about this one and some were confirmed.

You play as an Outrider, humanity’s last hope of survival. With the ECA we landing on the new planet, we humans want to make our home Enoch. You investigate the landing area. Not all is what they said it to bed, with dangerous life forms where there was not meant to be. Along with the Anomaly, a storm that hits and kills everything it touches. Well, almost everything, you survive being hit, but for your own health put back in to cryo-sleep.

31 years later you are awakened to a war-torn world, not how you remembered it. With little resources and the Anomaly destroying everything electrical, and the ECA has being having a civil war between its self and the ECA. It is not long after being awakened you find you have strange new powers and that you are an Altered.

It is now up to you to find out what is happening on the planet and how to stop it. After stumbling on to a radio signal needed to get help.

The story is not all that good; the story tries to hard, and it is all over the show. Stuff happens with no idea how and why things happens.


So what is Outriders and how does it play?

Let’s start with what Outriders is. Outriders is a live service (sorta? more on this later) looter-shooter aimed at 1-3 players’ co-op. It is in the vein of Destiny; start by picking a class one of four;

Pyromancer – Mage – Manipulate fire (my class)
Devastator – Tank class – uses earth style attacks
Technomancer – Crowd control/support – uses turrets and other technology
Trickster – DPS – Controls time and high mobility.

Then play through story missions and side quests to gain EXP, new abilities, level up and get better gear. Outriders have never boosted to have anything ground braking for gameplay, but has mixed up a few elements.

Now how does it play? I going to start off it is a mixed bag from Good, too repetitive to this shouldn’t be happening in a game.

The Good

One of the best elements in Outriders is the gun and ability interactions’, this is on point guns feel responsive with a good variety of weapons, SMG, LMG, Assault rifles, sniper rifles, Auto/pump action shotguns, double guns, rifles, bolt action rifles. Each of these main classes has between two and three subclasses with different modifiers. With being a looter-shooter, the statists are different on each pickup and rarity. Same goes for armour as these are able to modify the powers you have picked and some look cool.

Abilities work in tandem with your gear and weapons. As stated in its simplest form, gear can improve equipped abilities. This could be more uses before recharge or increase attack distance or power, for example. After that, it is how these abilities are balanced with gunplay. As on their own, there is no chance that a player could play the entire game. Here is where using both is essential, as the main way to get health back is to an ability then kill the enemy. On their own, the powers you have will not outright kill a lot of enemies. So mixing us power use and guns is the best way. On that note is make you play a lot more aggressively so you can keep topping up the health you lose. And you will lose a lot of health as you will be attacked on all sides.

The two main enemies you will face are the insurgents and the endemic species on the planet. These two factions will take different tactics to take on. The insurgents will need you to use cover and take them out with pinpoint precision. Whereas the endemic life will run at you in hordes, so standing still is not an option. Being mobile is your best friend. Throw in a wonderful variety of enemies and we have a good mix of gameplay.

Last thing I want to talk about is World Tiers. These act as the difficulty of the game as the tiers increase the game will get harder with enemies being increasing stronger. However, the loot found is better. If the game gets a bit too hard, drop a world tier and increase level and gear, then move back up. World Tiers will only progress as you play the highest unlocked tier. This was a great way to make the game harder as you get weapons to compensate for the difficulty, eventually.

The Repetative

This is unfortunately what the game is with little variation from this course. You start a mission, run a little, have a wee chat, unlock fast travel in the form as a banner, carry on to an open area, if the enemy is the Insurgents there will be ample cover, then its kill move up a bit until the waves are dead, quick look about get open boxes get new gear, replenish ammo, move on to the next open area and so on until the level ends. There will be a button to press and keys to find, but that is it.

Now if you are fighting the endemic life forms, there will be mass open areas with tight corridors, hit a corridor then get ready for an onslaught of enemies. Kill them all, do the same as above, and move on. With new powerful enemies that become standard enemies as the game goes on, this also goes for insurgents.

There are some side quests dotted in each main quest these are optional and can be done at anytime.

This shouldn’t be happening

Here we have to talk about the more disappointing aspect of Outriders. For my experience, there was one massive problem and a few minors.

The major problem is the fact it is a live service game, not for the simple fact of its live service, more so that to play single player the servers have to be up. When I started playing Outriders, the first two days where fine got on no problems at all, on the third day I could not log in for four days, I tried at different points of the day and multiple times. Day five got on playing for an hour was kicked out because of an error. This needs addresses ASAP.

For minor issue was more little bugs like enemies I trying to shoot being one place disappearing and popping up somewhere else, Enemies just popping up and not to mention the ghost enemies that phase though solid matter. These are all fixable issues but shouldn’t be happening now.

The World

This is the best part of the game, it is simply stunning. With different biomes to explore each being as diverse as the last and exploding with colours and life. I have to give credit where credit is due, but Outriders is a good looking game.


For me, Outriders is a mix bag with a fair amount of potential. With loads of end game possabilities, like mutiple player raids, or big like 12 man raids, for instance. However, even with the potential and the possibility of what could be the developers have some work to do with servers that really hindered my enjoyment of the game.

Outriders I feel will be a game that will grow in time and have problems fixed but as it stands now, I would say wait for a big sale.


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