Developer: Bloober Team
Publisher: Koch Media
Platforms: PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Serise X, PC
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 30/07/2021
Price£24.99 £19.99/£29.99 $23.99
Sale ends 18/8/21 UK and 19/8/21 US
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Observer: System Redux is a soft re-realise of Observer on ps4 back in 2017. It was a game that tried to be different but failed horribly with the performance issues that is suffered from. Let’s see how this reboot fairs.

You take the role of Detective Daniel Lazarski of the Karkow Police Department. Lazarski is an Observer, who has a Dream Eater neural interface attached to his hand. This allows him to dive in to people’s minds and investigate from within. Lazarski is trying to find his son that has not seen in years in a Polish dystopian cyberpunk future.

Lazarski is voiced by the now late Rutger Hauer. I will not lie he was by far the best part of the narrative. In fact, I would say he made the narrative with his impressive voice acting. He made Lazarski the feel he needed.

The biggest problem with the story is the pacing and how the dream sections feel as if they go on forever. This is not an understatement. I found myself asking in all the sections when will this be over. If they dropped the length of these sections, by two-thirds. I feel the game’s story would be far more enjoyable and less tedious.

Observer system redux gameplay

Observer: System Redux is a walking detective simulator where you will spend most of the time inside a run down hab-block. Lazarski will look for clues to what is happening in the building. He cannot leave as it is on lockdown.. 

Finding clues to what has happened as well as solving puzzles were the highlight for me. In order to find out everything, you have three view modes to pick from; 

Normal sight – see the world as everyone else.
Biological sight – this allows for the inspection of body fluids and matter.
Tech sight – allows for the finding and inspection of technology.

By using these simple changes in vision, with a click of R1 and L1, the flow of the game (when not in a dream) is unhindered and feels as if you are a investigating a murder. 

There a few other improvements to this version. 

Three new exclusives missions
Improved audio that will keep you on edge the whole way through.
Massive gameplay stability, making for a far smoother experience.

Overall Observer: System Redux is a far better version of the original. It improves on almost everything. But I almost lost my will to carry on through the dream sections. These felt like a chore.

I am totally on the fence with this one, Observer: System Redux will appeal to a small majority of players. If you had the original version, this is far better and could be a good time to revisit?


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