Developer: Ellada Games
Publisher: Ellada Games
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox one, PC
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 20/09/1920
Price: £11.99/$14.99
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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[ Introduction ]

I have always been a huge fan of survival games and Norse Mythology, so I had to try this one. With its mix of hand-painted art and 2D art style, it was a must-play. Is it worth your time?

You play as a fallen Viking Warrior, but the road to Valhalla has been closed. The Viking will need to find the portal to Asgard while being trapped in Niffelheim. Choose your hero and the area to begin and start your great dungeon filled survival adventure.

Niffelheim dragon

[ Gameplay ]

The game starts with choosing one of four heroes, the stronger the hero, the faster the hunger meter goes (a very important factor). Each starting area, has pros and cons, one area will have more animals to hunt, but this will bring more predators to the area.

Once decided it is off to Niffelheim, where you are for better or worse left too it. The best way to learn is to do, and this game follows that to the letter. Figuring out what is needed and what does what, with that air of dread as the hunger meter drops. It is a great sense of achievement when you start to survive longer and longer.

There are a few other elements in the mix, for instance, a simple level-up system. This works by doing actions like hunting animals with a bow will increase hunting skills or making food improves cooking. For every four levels, there is a small but helpful bonus. It is good to see a game use this simple system, as managing what you want to learn to what you need to do to survive gives the game an extra dimension.

After getting to grips with these two concepts, we move on to the majority of the gameplay, exploring for materials and crafting. Crafting is as simple as going to the required workplace, i.e. stove, pick the recipe as long as you have materials then you can make it. Crafting will also level up.

Getting materials is the grind here, be it hunting for meat for food, mining for metals for weapons and so on. Strangely enough, it is gratifying and time passes quickly while doing these tasks….at least for me.

Niffelheim has a lot of dungeon crawling, and if you are not prepared well enough, then your time within the dungeon will be short lived. As fighting enemies is a brutal affair if the highest level of gear is not equipped. When you die, and you will, your spirit will return to your base, and you need to trek back to the body. If you died and an enemy is there, then you will need to run as you lose all the inventory on the character. This happened to me, oh my it didn’t feel very nice.

Overall the game is relatively decent, and if you liked games like Ark- Evolution Evolved, then this slightly less in-depth survival experience could be a nice break.

Niffelheim craft

[ Visual and Perfomance ]

Niffelheim is a great looking game with its hand-painted art style, washed-out, bland colours with splashes of colour. The style fits perfectly with this game being set in the world between life and death. The level of detail is impressive; the backgrounds are fantastic. 

I did not find any bugs with the time I spent with the game.

Niffelheim dungeon

[ Sound ]

The Niffelheim sound design is average. It does a good job in portraying what is happening within the world. It will not win any awards, with most of the soundtrack is forgettable, but it does enough.

Niffelheim bear

[ Conclusion ]

Overall Niffelheim is a very competent survival experience. There is no hand-holding, make sure to learn quickly, so you don’t die. I enjoyed my time with this title but it is not for everyone. I feel that it worth a try at least for anyone who likes Survival games.
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