Developer: Tamsoft, Compile Heart
Publisher: Idea Factory
Platforms: PS4
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 26/10/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Neptunia is back at it again, not happy enough to get V-tubers in her world she now brings over the girls of Senran Kagura to play with her. But does this crossover actually work? As Virtual Stars was rather lackluster. 

Neptunia x SENRAN KAGURA; Ninja Wars is set on the shuriken shaped Gamninjustri. Where the two major nations, Heartland ninjas and the Marveland crew, have been locked in a 15 year long battle to rule the whole of Gamninjustri. By proving which Ninja style is better than the other.

One night, an unknown threat from the Steeme Legion invades Gamninjustri and threatens to take down the entire island. They take over the smaller towns with no problems, leaving just the Heartland and Marveland cities. This forces our heros to work together to stop this legion.

For Neptunia, this is another day at the office with her isekai adventures. However, for the Senran Kagura this is their first outing. I have to say the story works really well; it keeps the comedy of Neptunia and her forth wall breaks and incorporates the wacky girls of Senran Kagura. In a funny and entertaining story. 


Simple But Engaging Combat

Well, as the girls are all ninjas, it makes total sense to have them fighting. The battle mechanics are simple to pick up and start playing. With one attack button that will unleash a combo. A long range attack; that will throw shuriken for damage or can be swapped for kuni for status effects. There are also ninja arts that can be used throughout battles that can do high amounts of damage. While combing three in a row will grant a damage buff for a short time.

This is an action-RPG so the enemy can attack at anytime from any angle. The ninja arts can also launch you in the air or move you around the screen to avoid damage. Negating some damage. This adds some layer of tactics to the game.

With Neptunia last few outing the battle system has been questionable and somewhat crap. However, Neptunia x SENRAN KAGURA, the battle mechanics, are fluid and are the most refined so far.

One problem I have is that all eight playable characters play the same. The story sets it up with the two groups being totally different in fighting style. But as soon as you play as them, they play the same. The only discernable difference is the combo they do, as they have different weapons. I would have liked to see more virality in moves. 


While you play, it is a case of picking a node and being dropped in to a small area that you will need to clear. With a handful of places with enemies to wipe out. With items to pick up and bosses to beat. As you fight, the girls will gain exp and get stronger, however in order to boost stats, spirit gems will need to be used. Spirit gems will improve curtain aspects of the girls’ abilities, and the more sprit gems connected on the grid, the stronger they become. It is again a simple system, and it keeps the game flowing while easily powering up your fighters.

The Bounce (if you know you know)

Neptunia x SENRAN KAGURA animation fantastic, with each girl being rendered beautifully in both cutscenes and the visual novel story elements. This is one of the better looking games from Neptunia.

The voice acting is one thing Idea Factory always nail and here is no exception. I love the voice acting and how lines are delivered, coincide with the mayhem happening on the screen. 

Overall Neptunia x SENRAN KAGURA: Ninja Wars is a good little hack-and-slash crossover. With so much to like, but only if you like any of the games. Other wise I doubt you will get as much out of it.

Even with a great cast and gameplay mechanics, I feel the price is slightly too high for the short game time. I would say unless a die-hard fan wait on a sale.


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