Developer: Route 59
Publisher: Coconut Island Games
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 11/08/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

What does every coffee shop miss? The dead, of course. Here in Necrobarista Final pour this is finally possible to spend the last 24 hours with the recently departed. It has also been on my must play list when I first saw it announced a few years back.

As I just said in Necrobarista, you work in a coffee shop in Melbourne, Australia, that is in an alleyway. It is not your normal cafe is serves both the living and the dead. Where the dead can spend their last 24hours before moving on the ‘Next Place.’ Here the dead can contemplate their lives, letting go with wilder subjects like necromancy.

As this is a visual novel, I cannot say more about the story as it would be pointless to play it. Being the story is why you play it, but I have to say they wrote fantastically it and the over aching story will have you hooked.


As for gameplay, it is your typical visual novel you read and read and read, then you will respond to curtain question. Your answers will determine the narrative. There are few additions to the usual formula, firstly you will wander about the shop and listen to people’s conversations to get a better sense of the world. While reading words will be highlighted in yellow by selecting them, you will get an explanation of these terms. Adding to the total understanding of the story, there is also a glossary to recap at any time.

As this is the Necrobarista Final Pour, it has some extras bundled in. The main one is two fresh stories that can be done, adding around four hours more content to the game. It’s like going to Costa and getting a large latte for a medium.

As visual novels go, Necrobarista breaks the mold, and it pays off beautifully. Most visual novels have 2D styled characters that have limited movement and/or handful of poses. However, here the devs have gone for a full 3D cinematic experience with full motion animations. Giving the game an extra layer of involvement and letting the player get further immersed in the world.

Overall, Necrobarista Final Pour is the perfect coffee you have been looking for, for storytelling and visuals. With a great cast and interesting stories.

Necrobarista is a must play for visual novel fans that want something less bland.


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