Developer:  Deadtoast Entertainment
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Platforms: Switch, Steam
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 20/06/2019
Price: £17.99/$19.99

[ Introduction ]

My Friend Pedro doesn’t have much of a story, but nor does it really need one as the action will hold most of your attention.

From the brief story there is, you are woken up in a basement by your friend Pedro (a floating sentient banana). After a chat you are let loose to kill everyone that moves… good start.

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[ Gameplay ]

The gameplay is simple, but stylish approach to it. John Woo would feel right at home in this world. Everything about My Friend Pedro is geared to making you look as cool as possible while killing everything in sight with some pretty cool ways of ending the nameless faces lives, even John Wick would struggle to take this guy down.

The controls are easy to get to grips with and mapped perfectly for this 2.5D shooter. Movement is controlled with the left stick and aiming with the right stick. Pressing LZ splits aims where one enemy is targeted and there is free aim with the other gun. Being shot at? No worries, the L button, spins you out the way of bullets. Want more? How about shooting while doing a somersault and a half twist, then jumping on to a zip slide upside down dispatching enemies as you slide then crashing through a window to kill more. All this action can be made even more stylish by activating slow motion. This just tops off the overly amazing gameplay. There’s also a number of weapons that you can pick up and use from normal pistols to shotguns, that are easily changed on the fly.

The controls are really tight and responsive allowing for easy pick -and play. suited to all levels of gameplay. Each level is a short self contained area, that is expertly put together to allowing the player to be as stylish as the like. On top of that throw in some skateboarding, motorbike riding and trampolines, to make some fun and exciting levels.

After you finish a level you’ll be given a rank for your efforts. You’ll be able to compare yourself and compete with the best scores about. Along with the scoring system there is are online leader-boards. With short levels lasting a few minutes or less and online leaderboards the replayability of My Friend Pedro, is very high if you like that type of style and challenge. 

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[ Visual and Perfomance ]

The visuals in My Friend Pedro are somewhat a mixed bag but that is OK. As stated the game is on a 2.5D plane giving the sense of space with it being a straight line. The world looks amazing at times with the street going off in to the distance, or the back grounds in buildings with pipes and junction boxes and so on. It is not until looking at the specific details that the game does not look as nice.

Even if some things don’t look so good when you are looking for the details it is not a problem as there are two gameplay aspects that will make sure the little details are not a problem;

-With the emphasis of movement, you will not have the time to notice most of the assets. You will be to focused on, “I LOOK COOL” too even notice.

-Within each level there is so much going on with bullets flying, barrels exploding and granddads spraying visceral fluids, that you will be two busy to even care.

The performance was outstanding while I played no slow down that was noticed, short load times. In both handheld and docked. I preferred to play this on the big screen. 

Overall, very good.

[ Sound ]

The soundtrack is the weakest part of the sound design, it is not a bad sound track, mostly because the frantic action going on with bullets being sprayed every 2 seconds. The tracks upbeat techno tracks, that fits well with the fast paced action.

Sound effect for the guns feel okay. They give off q sense of what power they possess I.E. The uzi sounds fast and weaker, where as the shotgun sounds and feels strong.

Over all the sound design works does well.

[ Conclusion ]

My Friend Pedro is a fantastically fun shooter that is all about style. It will keep players coming back and back again with the short levels and leaderboards. Along with making a run look as flashy as possible.

I can’t recommend this highly enough, it is well worth picking up.