My Brother Rabbit

Developer: Artifex Mundi
Publisher: Forever Entertainment
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox one, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 21/09/2019
Price: £13.49/$14.99
Reviewed By: Chicken Prem
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[ Introduction ]

I was never much of a speaker, reader or writer as a tiny perm cockerel in elementary school, but I was always very vigilant. Looking around with my eyes and analyzing what I see before doing anything else is still something I practice to this day. It is no coincidence that one of my favourite books was of the “I Spy” genre. Basically, pages would have pictures on them with a bunch of random items hidden within the landscape, and you had to find specific objects.

Once the Internet came along the floodgates opened for me, and I could play countless games just like those books from back in the day. It has been quite some time for this grizzled rooster to delve into such a genre but thanks to the Nintendo Switch I can revisit the genre. My Brother Rabbit hatched onto the console September 20, 2019 thanks to Forever Entertainment and Artifex Mundi. Can my aged impure brain process multiple images and puzzles at this point? There was only one way to find out!

I would not expect much of a narrative from a video game in this particular category, but a heart-wrenching story is told here. The plot is easy to miss unless you play the title because the playtime takes place in a magical, vibrant imaginary world. Even in the fictional land, a sad story is occurring, sorry gamers you will not escape the sorrow. A rabbit is trying to save his best friend; which is an ill flower. Meanwhile, in the real world, an older brother is dealing with the fact that his hospitalized younger sister is very ill.

So we can deduce that the brother is the hero rabbit (My Brother Rabbit get it now?) and the sister is the ill flower, and if your heart is not melted yet, then I do not know what else to say.

my brother rabbit world

[ Gameplay ]

I suppose the game is not just a simple as an “I spy” type game, but that is how it starts. Rabbit is trying to get Flower to the Doctor, and there are obstacles preventing them from being able to travel. The player will be tasked to find a certain number of a hidden object in order to use them to solve a puzzle. There are times where you can be looking for multiple different objects for separate puzzles and other times you may be at a standstill looking for just a single detail FOREVER!

The searches are not that terrible, but there were times where I was stuck for long enough times that I had to stop playing for several hours, reboot and come back to try and spot what I was missing. Given the puzzles to solve once all of a certain element are collected gave me a 90s point and click adventure game vibe, which I enjoyed as well. Some sort of hint system would have really helped out in those few agonizing needles in a haystack moments.

The left analogue stick will be your best friend in MBR as that will move around your cursor to hover over with the environments, items and puzzles. The A button is the action button to interact with everything.

my brother rabbit puzzle

[ Visual and Perfomance ]

I absolutely loved how the game is designed visually. All the areas and characters kind of give a feeling of an Alice in Wonderland type world. The lands and scenery are colourful and eye-appealing and at the same time not cheaply hiding the items. Upon completing a section, Rabbit and Flower use a new way of transporting themselves closer to a hopeful remedy but in between are animated cutscenes.

The cut scenes show the part of the story in the real world and have completely different yet still beautiful art design. They are all presented in a watercolour painting like a cartoon short, and they looked phenomenal as well. Honestly, I feel the visuals growing on me even more as I type this review.

my brother rabbit lizard

[ Sound ]

My Brother Rabbit is a rather silent game. There are sound effects when interacting with the surroundings and solving puzzles, but not really much music to make a note of. No voice acting or narration. I am sure more music was present then I recall, but it obviously did not leave a lasting impression on me what so ever.

my brother rabbit outside

[ Conclusion ]

Aside from a few mind-numbing periods of moving my cursor over every square inch of the screen to find the last remaining items to progress, I genuinely enjoyed this title. Just one other thing to note was that I felt the further you got in the game the short the levels were so most my time playing was spent in the first two areas compared to the last three. I feel $14.99 is a bit too high, and $9.99 is much more reasonable. I highly recommend putting My Brother Rabbit on your Nintendo Switch Eshop wishlist and snag it when on sale if you enjoy this type of game.

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