Developer: Graven Visual Novels
Publisher: Sometimes You
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 25/11/2020
Price: £8.99/$9.99
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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My Aunt Is A Witch follows the story of a young boy named Thomas. His father has just remarried and his stepmom cannot stand Thomas. So he father arranged for him to stay with his Aunt Alice. Arriving at the Aunt’s house, Thomas is met with her flying on a broom chasing a black cat (Who is Alice’s ex boyfriend). After a few stern warnings and experiences regarding how dangerous the house is, Thomas is presented with an opportunity to become a potion maker, he accepts. This is just the start of a magical adventure.

I loved the story In My Aunt Is A Witch, it’s magical, captivating, and not as happy jolly as the visuals will lead you to believe. It would also make a great animated film.

There were some grammatical errors within the txt, nothing that a patch couldn’t solve.


My Aunt Is A Witch is predominately a visual novel it has a quest mechanic, point and click gameplay and mini games thrown in. It just works magically well together. The main quests are to make different potions for Alice. This will require Thomas to go though the house and find the desired ingredients and mix them together. There is nothing overly challenging here there is a handy log book that will help a little too much and a help button that will highlight the point to click.

With this being a witch’s house and a dangerous one at that, most things in the house want to kill you. Thomas will need to be careful what he interacts with or what he talks too. The mini games are simple also with inputting the on-screen prompts with in a time limit. For, a Visual Novel, there is plenty to see and distract the player with.

There are two aspects to the game that just stand above the rest. These are visuals and soundtrack. Let us start with the visuals, they are simply stunning, bright colourful, detailed and very anime. The level of detail in each still it outstanding. There was not one one place in Alices house that seemed boring or was not full of magical items.

When the game is this pretty, the soundtrack had to match. By golly, it does; they add the melodic magical and captivating soundtrack an extra layer to this already magical adventure. The music brings the game to life with playful little tunes that will suddenly change to give the feeling of danger after Thomes interacts with something he should not have. THe sound track would be one the likes of Studio Ghibli would be proud of.


My Aunt Is A Witch, is a great Visual Novel that is very easy on the wallet. This could be way more expensive, like some other Visual Novels. So if you like a wonderful story, dangers everywhere, and magic, you HAVE to get this.

I hope Graven bring more of their Visual Novels to the consoles.

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