Developer: Feel-Good
Publisher: Feel-Good
Platforms: Switch
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 07/11/2019
Price: £11.99/$14.99
Reviewed By: Chicken Perm
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[ Introduction ]

The electronics conglomerate Crabbenwold Electro has taken over the world…for some unknown reason and has left the world in shambles. So naturally, it is up to a pair of…monkeys to take down C.E. and rescue their captured friends, obviously.

Monkey Barrels shots

[ Gameplay ]

The main portion of the game is a top-down twin-stick shooter story mode. For each level, you will take control of a monkey navigating through levels of electronics. Along the way, each level has three weapon blueprints and a hidden monkey to discover. A great feature of this game is it includes nearly one hundred unique weapons, AND you get to equip four at once. Two are firing weapons that are assigned to the trigger buttons, and the other two are grenade-like weapons assigned to the bumper buttons. Once you start raking in the blueprints and the coin to build these junk crafted weapons, you can really come up with an ultimate fighting monkey machine. The boss fights I enjoyed the most, but the levels all ran together as the same repetitive mission.

There is an online mode that can hold up to six-player co-op or you can play Banana Scramble where you race to see who can collect the most bananas. In my opinion, the extra modes are nothing impressive.

Monkey Barrels boss

[ Visual and Perfomance ]

I was a little disappointed with how fuzzy the game looked in handheld mode. I suppose others could see it has a just a pixel texture used, but it is not used for all the graphics. The environments all look similar to one another, so all the trashcans and metal crates in a junky street or sewer setting got old rather fast.

The monkey characters are cute, and all the weapons are uniquely displayed/designed. The generic small were enemies were underwhelming in appearance as just robotic trash receptacles or metal cubes, but the large boss enemies were pretty impressive. I appreciated the bright visuals used for all of the different gun’s firing animations. Given that there are 98 different weapons, it was impressive they accomplished such originality for nearly all of them.
There were no performance issues to make a note of.

Monkey Barrels boom

[ Sound ]

The level music was pleasant enough, but the sound effects were the cream of the crop here. The monkeys sound as they should, and with all the weapons firing off in all the levels you feel like you are in this dilapidated ground zero of Crabbenwold Electro.

Monkey Barrels store

[ Conclusion ]

Monkey Barrels did not live up to the expectations that came from its own previews. The wide variety of weapons can keep the game partially fresh, but the levels themselves do not change it up enough to make the experience worthwhile. At the price point of $14.99, it feels a bit too steep as well. A sale to knock it down five bucks at least would make this title more recommendable. There are simply too many out of this world amazing indies on the Nintendo Switch around this price to insist on snagging it, unfortunately.
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