Developer: JellySnow Studio
Publisher: Neowiz Games
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 17/06/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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With games there are a few genera/sub-genre that instantly catch my attention and I want to play. One being mecha styled games. Not that all mecha games are good I’m looking at you New Gundam Braker. However, Metal Unit is a little indie game that had me playing none stop until I beat beat.

You play as Joanna, a newly trained pilot on Metal Unit 11. Who is flung in to the throngs of war as she is finishing her training. Joanna is searching for her sister who has defected to the enemy that destroyed all most all life on the planet. 

Joanna is right away outcasts by the rest of the Metal Units after the loss of the current captain on her headlong rush in to war. However, not everything is as it seems Joanna has no memory of before the Metal Unit. 

It is really hard to write down all of Metal Unit’s sub plots, here a few of them, dragons, mutants, merging with monsters, loss, sacrifice l and so on lets just say the story is out there but holds together really well. 


Metal Unit is a strange game, as it’s nowhere near the best rouge-lite out there. However, there was something that just had me hooked. Who does not want to be a super powered robot who could take down armies of mutant monsters. The narrative alone had me hooked, and it has got more twist in it than a Twizzler. 

When it comes down to gameplay, it is slick, fast-paced and easy to get in to and responsive combat and movements. There are a two main weapon slots for melee and ranged, along with several optional attacks once you equip them an ultimate attack and passive abilities. Making for a surprisingly deep customisation set up. As we are in a rouge-lite, loot is random and has the classic colour tier system. However, I ended up finding a melee weapon I liked and used that for a long time.

When it comes to levels Metal Unit is short. With three main levels each split in to random platforming sections of around 14 zones. With a boss fight being located at the end. As you progress, you will eventually get to a rest area. Here you can purchase healing items, new weapons/abilities. It is also possible to forge new weapons, providing Joanna has the base weapons needed or abilities (never uses). While in this area you have the option of going to sleep, this will refill your health. There is a ruin that can be entered that has a potential to drop higher tier items. Once you get to the item box. The trade off is that you will not recover health. 

If that’s not enough, there are three skill trees to help Joanna take down the mutants. They range from increasing health to multiple jumps. In order to level up you need core crystals they are rewarded for killing enemies, and bosses. Also, if you die, you will lose the items you have but gain core crystals. These upgrades are permanent. 

Overall Metal Unit will become one of the games that you see and think could be ok but…. And never try. I would love for you to try it. The game is loads of fun and needs attention, that I feel it will miss out on.

Like robots, loot and kicking ass, this one is for you. 


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