Developer: Platonic Partnership
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 17/01/2020
Price: £3.50 £2.60/$4.00 $3.00
*On sale till 20/01/2020
Reviewed By: Chicken Perm
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[ Introduction ]

The imagination of a child is a powerful thing. In a broken alcoholic household, imagination could be the only way to escape for kids. Lydia goes straight for your emotions by sharing such a tale based on real experiences. Follow along with her as she grows up and recalls heart-rending events that shape her for life. Lydia is guided by her imaginary best friend teddy bear that encourages her to press on.

Lydia party

[ Gameplay ]

The term “game” can be used very loosely for this title because it is more about the storytelling. The only real playing that done is at times moving Lydia around slowly with analog stick and pressing a button to start short conversations. You could say the creators really aimed to educate and relate with people on what it is like living/dealing with addicts and resentments. It is difficult to go more in-depth in this area without giving away plot points. I will just say you play as Lydia in different time periods of her life and not just her as a young girl.

Lydia talking

[ Visual and Perfomance ]

All the environments are dark and dreary. The adults look gross and monster-like based on how they behave and treat Lydia due to her imagination. Primarily the game uses black and white for the settings along with an occasional pop of colour. I would say that by far, I enjoyed the visuals of the game. Seeing such a dysfunctional home life through the eyes of an innocent child…kinda breaks your heart.

No bugs or performance issues were found.

Lydia out

[ Sound ]

I did not find the music to really hit home like the visuals, but that may just be me. The sound effects and characters grumbles while speaking were more notable to me. Even though there is no voice acting the character’s anger or sorrow is displayed well through noises. Ultimately, I do not think this area needs improvement, given how the game looks and focuses on the story over action.

Lydia hospital

[ Conclusion ]

Lydia is a short story “game” that lasted me at best an hour. The story being told is the main feature here, and although it is a sensitive/tearjerker topic, it is not anything original or mind-blowing. The plot will hit home with others in a deep way but also completely go over the head of others. The experience is not bad; however, you would not be missing out of much skipping this title.
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