Developer: Zoink Games
Publisher: EA Orignal
Platforms: PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Serise X, PC
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 10/09/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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EA Originals have had several decent games in the past few years. Unraveled, It Takes Two, Sea of Solitude to name but a few. Then mix in the wacky Zoink! with titles like Flipping Death, Stick It To The Man. There could be something rather special about Lost In Random. Let’s find out if Random Rules.

You play as Even in a world where the Rule of Random is the law and the role of the dice can seal your fate forever. On this day Even’s Sister Odd turns twelve and every twelfth birthday, the Queen roles her black dice and decides the rest of your life. The world of Lost In Random is split in to six defining layers, from one being the poorest and six being the riches. When the Queen roles for Odd, she gets a six and is taken away from her family instantly to live with the Queen herself. And one one seems to care, the inhabitance of Onecroft believe she has gone to a better place.

One night after Odd being taken, Even is visited by a ghost that she thinks come from Odd in order to get help. Even follows the ghost and is led to a snail ship, that ends up destroyed in a storm. After escaping, Even ends up in the Vally of Dice. Here she meets her new friend Dicey. Even and Dicey’s adventure to save Odd beings, in this Tim Burton inspired world.

With a cast of weird and wonderfully entertaining characters Lost In Random, I have to admit the story was never dull and even the most normal interactions were weird in a good way.

Let’s get rolling

In a world where Random Rules, it makes sense to base the battle system around this concept and the role of a dice. It surprised me how well this works. Battle has a few stages to it. You can’t go throwing the Dicey right away. You need to collect crystals. The enemies have them growing on them so Even needs to use her sling shot to break them and send Dicey out to collect the shards. The more shards you collect, the more cards you can draw. To throw Dicey and use his powers, it transported you to the Dicemension. Here time is frozen and Dicey can manifest his powers with the use of the cards.

Once you throw Dicey, the number it lands on will award card token. On the top right of each card is a cost. So, for instance – if you roll a two, cards with a value of two or lower can be used. Anything higher cannot. At first, Dicey is limited to the amount of spots he has. It is up to Even to find them and add them to Dicey, allowing for more powerful cards to be used. Once a card(s) is played, you are free to maneuver yourself and attack an enemy or just leave the Dicemention.

As you guessed, Lost in Random is a deck builder style game, so the cards them self need to be entertaining to use or at least look cool. Well, here Zoink! have nailed it. From summoning a cool-looking sword to having Dicey be a walking bomb or summoning things to help Even fight. The cards all look amazing and the way they work is intuitive and moke you feel like a high roller. 

Combat feels fresh and entertaining, especially when you have a really powerful deck at your disposal. Yes, the battles are down to the luck of the dice, but this is where making sure we wasted no move comes in to play, and use every roll is a jackpot. I feel, however, having the randomness in your face will put off some players. I loved it and it makes some fight more entertaining.

Fancy a board game?

If you are tiring of destroying all the weird and wonderful enemies and decide you want some good old board game fun, you can. Well, sort of. As you progress Board Game Arenas open up and they allow you to move your piece around a rickety looking broad in much the same way as you fight. You can buy new cards that will change how your piece moves and so on. It is a great little distraction in this very distracting world.

The Not So Random Problem

I found while playing Lost In Random, that between the movement controls and the camera, it can be a bit of a pain moving about the world. While moving, Even about I felt as if she would veer off from where I was moving her. And her ability to get caught of random parts of the map you were on makes for a less entertaining time with traversal. The camera has the same sort of snagging problem: it will at times stick and not move for whatever reason. Luckily, this did not majorly detract from the fun.


Overall, I loved my time in the dark world of Lost In Random. It is a beautifully haunting game, with plenty to offer and only a couple of problems with the controls. Mix in the weird and wonderful story and characters and there is something unexpectedly entertaining here.

If you are a fan of deck building, board games and Tim Burton stylised movies, then Lost in Random if for you.


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