Developer: Grounding Inc.
Publisher: Cygames
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 28/06/2022
Price: £12.99/$14.99
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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In Little Noah you play as the genius alchemist Noah. Who travels the world exploring ruins for her father. This stop sees her being knocked out of the sky by an evil wizard who wants to stop her finding her father. 

In these ruins, Noah ends up helping her new companion Zipper. Even reluctantly he will help her in her quest to find her father. 

The story is really enjoyable and well written. With Noah and Zippers’ interactions being heartwarming and entertaining. 

Little Noah Scion of Paradise game

Roguelike (again and I love it!) 

Little Noah has taken on a 2D styled hack-and-slash style approach to their rougelike outing with a bit of a twist. Noah does not do the attacking. She gets a band of mini helpers called Lilliputs. 

The Lilliputs do all the attacking for Noah on her adventure. At the start of each run, Noah gets a standard set of Lilliputs with more randomly collected through your run. Each Lilliput has their own attack, power and even element. Making for a very diverse team if needs be. 

At anyone time Noah can have up to five individual Lilliputs in her team with two on special attacks. The first five work as your combo attack, chaining these attacks to rack up the kills. And the two on special attacks to one big attack, then they are on a cool down. 

There is one slight negative to the combat system. It can be a little off. With Noah not dishing out the damage, there are plenty of missed attacks to be had. As Noah can be in a different place where the attack comes.

When You Die

As you will die, there has to be a good hook to keep you playing. Here we have a few reasons to venture into the ruins. 

As you fight and collect accessories and Lilliputs, you keep all the loot. Well, until you. Go back to your ship, then it is changed into Mana. Mana is the currency used to upgrade the ship. In Rougelike terms, permanent buffs that will increase different aspects of Noah’s abilities. 

As you fight, you will also collect treasure chest tokens. Now these are used to upgrade your relationships with the Lilliputs. This increases their overall power. 

Little Noah is a stunning and beautifully polished game. With quick and entertaining levels. 

Overall, Little Noah is a must have for fans of the genre. There is very little to not like here. Just go buy it. 


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