Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 28/04/2022
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Light Fairytale Volume 1, see you take control of Haru and his best friend Kuroko. As they try to take on the evil empire that has taken over and is now ruling over the lower city.

Both Haku and Koroko have their own intertwining story line, that take around three hours each to finish. Each of these separate stories are just interesting enough to make you want to finish them. However, with the limited play time there is no real character building or world building done.

Light Fairytale Episode 1 game

Old School JRPG

The first thing I felt when I started Light Fairytale Volume 1 is how much nostalgia I felt for Final Fantasy VII. I assume FFVII inspires the game, as it really felt like a small recreation of the Midgar slums sectors.

On top of that Light Fairytale Volume 1 plays like FFVII, from loving around with the games fixed cameras and the handful of NPCs that are intractable. This is not a bad thing at all. In fact, I loved what little of the world we get to see.


There will be no surprise to anyone when I say the battle system is simple and has the FFVII feel to it. With waiting on the ATB bar to fill before moving, then selecting a normal attack or a magic attack. There is also a limit break style power up where both Kourko and Haru’s hair changes white and there stats a boosted.

Each area that you visit has designated areas for battle that will eventually lock you out from fights once enough battles are fought and won. I assume this was to limit the game length or to stop players from being to OP.

There Is Something Missing

While playing thorough the two characters’ stories for around six hours, I got the distinct feeling there should be more. More of everything in the game. It feels short and hollow to some extent. Maybe I wanted a FFVII style game. The game feels more like a test game to see if the devs could make an inspired JRPG.

If you are looking for a bit of Light Fairytale Volume 1 nostalgia and the Remake didn’t do it for you, then this is for you. It is a brief experience that is not bad, just lacking substance. This makes it a somewhat forgettable experience. I hope that Volume 2 improves on everything.

For some old school feels, Light Fairytale Volume 1 could be for you, but do not expect too much from the game.


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