Developer: Atomic Wolf
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 03/12/2020
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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The one thing Nintendo Switch fans will tell you that is a universal truth is; the Switch has some unique games. Some being good and well, some not so good. Here we have another unique game not new as there was Comix Zone back in 1995 on the Sega Genesis. However, for the much younger players this would be the first fray in to a game in a comic and it would be worth it.

Liberated is set in the not too far future where having strong opinions on social media or not taking part in social media/online activities will have you flagged a potential threat to society. If you play by the rules of the world and are a model citizen, they will reward you for such behaviour.

The story takes place after a school bombing and the player will get to play as both the activists and the law enforcement and see how the story plays out.


In terms of gameplay, Liberated is simple with its platforming and shooting all the way to the simple puzzles to solve. I do not mean to say that because Liberated is simple to play; it is not good. This will make it more appealing to players for the simplicity of pick up and play. When I started it was a great feeling to know almost instinctively the button layout and feel how responsive, the game is now.

I am going to talk about the elephant in the room Liberated’s marred by technical problems on its original release 02/06/2020. There was frame rate drop that made the game chug along, bad unresponsive controls more so with shooting and LONGGGGGGG load times throughout the entire game. I am here to reassure you that this Enhanced Edition, not only fixes all the problems, it also added some extra content too; two epilogue chapters “For the Homeland” & “Glory to the Heroes” and full voice over.

Liberated send out among the rest of the platformers for the art direction and the use of comic book panels to tell the story and for gameplay. Using each panel as both a story device and as a gameplay world mixes one of the best form of storytelling and makes it interactive. On top of this Liberated’s use of almost monochrome colours and emphasis on lighting makes the world feel oppressive and dystopian on its own.

All this aside, Liberated has one problem, the gameplay loop its self. Run and gunning and taking out fairly useless guards, some simple platforming, over simplistic puzzles and a few chat responses that make some difference to the game. It’s saving grace is that its not a long game.


Liberated is a fantastic styled game with a story that’s as old as time that told in a more interesting manner. Cudos to the developers for fixing all the problems they had a launch. But no matter how I looked at it, Liberated is a stylish slick game with no soul. The gameplay loop gets boring after a while.

If you are looking for a stylish unique looking game, Liberated is for you, however if you look for engaging set pieces you will be disappointed. I would still recommend Liberated as it looks stunning, but only on a sale.


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