Developer: Ratloop Games Cananda
PublisherFrontier Developments plc
Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Serise X, PC
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 28/09/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

Lemnis Gate comes at a time where FPS games are at a fever pitch high with both COD and Battlefield both around the corner. So why should you stand up and pay attention to Lemnis Gate? Lemnis Gate is a turn-based FPS action game. So it stands out right from the get go, but is it any good?

Lemnis Gate is an out-and-out multiplayer game. There is no actual story to be had. All I have to say is there is nothing out there that I know of like Lemnis Gate. The gameplay is where this game shines.


Lemnis Gate is a turn-based FPS hero shooter. I feel this description fits the game better. Let’s break it down as simply as possible, as words will not adequately describe or do the game justice. It is a game that needs to be played to understand and get to grips with.
One thing I found was the learning curve was fairly steep, not in terms of how to play the game, but more so training my brain to think about a turn-based battle system but with FPS gameplay. It took a while for my old brain to get the concept. 

It is a case of when it clicks; it CLICKS! type of game.

Time Loop

Each player is stuck in a twenty-five second time loop. This twenty-five seconds is all the time you have to act before the other player has their turn. However, the loop will repeat is’s self unless interrupted. After each player has taken one turn, a new character will be added to the loop, up to six characters each. It sounds complicated, but let’s carry on. In the time you have to act, we take all actions as they would in a first-person shooter.

A game starts. There are two main ways to win, wipe out the enemy team, or hold the capture points until turns run out. So we pick Karl, who shoots a constant singular beam. In his twenty-five seconds, he captures three beacons. The enemy counters with Kapitan, a basic solider, and he kills Karl after capturing the first beacon. 

On your next turn, Karl will disappear where he was killed, so in order to save him, you bring out Stalker and snipe Kapitan before killing Karl, and it restores his loop. This goes on for up to six rounds. (Words do not do it justice). 

In-order to cause more chaos, the devs have team damage on, so what becomes a well lay out plan turns in to a total mess after killing your own people. I did not feel upset. It was actually rather fun. Along with 1v1 gameplay, there is a 2v2 gameplay mode too. Here is where the game becomes a right old laugh and you are going to lose a few of your own characters. Alternative turn you and your coop partner will take turns. It is a ton of fun and well worth playing.


Lemnis Gate has gone all out to make the game as fun as possible by adding a hero shooter element to their game. These heroes all act totally different from each other and give a variety of options to kill the enemy our your team.

Each hero has its own look, unique abilities and back story. It is up to the player to use them to their full capacity. 

It’s a Refreshing Change With a Few Hiccups.

Now it is a budget title, as the price suggests. However, graphically Lemnis Gate is beautiful. The character models are stunning as well as the partial effects from the weapons. 

My only major reservation from my time playing is the load times between turns. I hope the devs can speed this up in the future. 
Lemnis Gate is a total hidden gem and needs to be played. I cannot think of a game like this off the top of my head. And the price is fantastic. Gameplay is fresh and exciting.

I would recommend playing Lemnis Gate as what the game offers it is a ton of fun. When you think about it.


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