Developer: Regista
PublisherNIS America
Platforms: Switch, PC, Mobile
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 18/01/2022
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Every once and a while a game comes along that looks fairly simple and you think “this could be worth checking out for a time waster.” This was my thought for Labyrinth Legend, that was, until I realised I was five hours deep into the game and wanted more. 

You find yourself stuck in the kingdom of Katana. There is a curse on the kingdom and only by reaching the end of the dungeon will the kingdom be saved. You are stuck in a quaint little village that surveys as your home. It’s time to head in. 

The story is simple, but right to the point. As this is a roguelite, it is not a problem. 


Let’s Go Explore 

Labyrinth Legend has that touch of simplicity that works too bloody well.

Before your adventure being you pick one of three classes, warrior, mage or archer, each having their own advantages and disadvantages. If you have played an RPG with classes, these three fit directly in to the archetype you would expect.

When you go off to explore, you can equip two weapons from a large selection of swords, pikes, tridents, bows, boomerangs and more. And holding down the attack button will send out a constant stream of attacks. For me, the Boomerangs are the best weapon in the game, as they comeback double attack. 

There is also a dodge to get out of danger and special attacks that can be brought and used. These attacks and some weapons use the mana you have. In order to regain mana, you will need to use a nom-magical attack and collect dropped orbs to refill reserves.

You can also equip the usual RPG style equipment. Depending what you equip will affect your stats. Defence, attack, speed and so on. The heavier the armour, the slower you will become, but more damage you can tank before you die. I found that having speed was far better than tanking blows. As potions are limited per run, unless you find a refill fountain, it is better not to be hit than tank it.

The Dungeon

When you begin your adventure in Labyrinth Legend, each run will be different, with each level procedurally generated each time you play. Leading to a ton of replay ability. The dungeons all look stunning to with their own themes and enemies throughout. 

Each individual dungeon has five floors and a boss floor. If you are killed before reaching the boss, you will need to start on the first floor again. If you reach the boss and die, you can select the boss and skip the other floors. This leans more to the rougelite as if you die you restart but there are checkpoints to save running though everything again.

The dungeons are all themed with their own style and colour pallets. Also, they have their own enemy types that will attack you in different ways. Attacks are telegraphed with an exclamation mark over their heads. Having original attacks on levels mixes up the gameplay and stops you from getting bored. As there will be instances where a bit of grinding is needed to pass the next five floors.

The Most Important Place

The village that you are stuck in is by far the most important place with in Labyrinth Legend. As the town is where you will sell items, buy new ones, upgrade weapons and armour and start multiplayer games.

Money is vital in all RPGs and here is no different. You are going to need a lot of it to progress. There are two ways of making money: killing enemies and selling items. When you die, we keep everything in the inventory. The blacksmith allows us to sell unwanted gear and buy new gear or upgrade current gear. As the blacksmith is randomly allocated items on return to the town, it is not the most reliable to get better gear. 

This is where upgrading is by far the better option. When upgrading, it will cost money and materials that are collected on each run. The more upgrades, the more it will cost and the rarer the materials needed. Different types of upgrades that can be allocated depend on the rarity of the weapon. The rarer the more upgrades can be added.

There is also a store that can buy increased uses of items like potions. And special attacks for each weapon type. Lastly, there is a monster island where you can find and add monster to the island. This allows you to take them with you in the dungeon. Monsters will have stat boosts while close to you or will find items and so on. They also level up improving abilities and their stats.

Labyrinth Legend has a lot to offer those who want to take the plunge in to its depth. It seems like a lot, but everything is pick up and play simple. Another great addition to the game. Labyrinth Legend will keep you coming back for one run after another.

This is a definite purchase for a more laid back rougelike experience.


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