Developer: Darjeeling
Publisher: Pixmain
Platforms: Switch, PC, mobile
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 15/07/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Growing up I loved Where’s Wally or Waldo for my friends over the pond (it is however Wally and not Waldo). I would spend hours looking for Wally and all his dropped gear and the extra things that needed to be found. Even taking time to just look and see what strange and funny things were happening on the page This was simpler times before the internet kids so don’t judge me. So when I saw that Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective was coming out I had to review it. 

In Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective you play as well, Pierre the Maze Detective (very specialised and highly lucky skill set to have). The evil villain Mr. X has stolen The Maze Stone and has made Opera City into a giant (you guessed it) maze. And it is up to Pierre to once again thwart this arch enemy’s plan and put Opera City back to normal. 


Labyrinth City is based on the original two-page spreads of IC4DESIGN’s works and masterfully brings these colourful pages to life. 

Labyrinth City is a puzzle game that will have the player interacting with loads of NPC and the environment, all the while being agonised by the great level of detail in each level. 

In terms of gameplay there is nothing that will make you scratch your head or find it at all complicated and there are plenty of hints on what direction Pierre should go within the level. The hook the game gets you with is finding all the hidden items and solving the puzzles before you. This is what I enjoyed the most by far. Examining every nook and canny to find everything and see what things will happen as I progressed through the levels. 

If you are not planning on collecting everything, then you will do yourself and the game an injustice. The “main” aim is to find and stop Mr. X to find him you will need to make your way to different in game characters and they will direct you to the next person to talk to until you get to MR. X. Who normally just flees and off you go to the next level. It is simple to just explore the levels. I recommend interact with everything and let yourself get lost in the beautiful world, as this is where the Labyrinth City shines. 

This leads nicely on to the major draw of Labyrinth City. It is just simply stunning to look at with its bright eye-catching colours, the packed world with so much life you will miss loads of things that are happening in each level. It took me back to the Where’s Wally, books as a child with the art style and I was instantly hooked. 

I loved playing Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective. There was so much nostalgia and as a video game is the perfect platform for a game like this (bar print of course). There is so much to do and collect its loads of fun 

I feel that Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective would not be for everyone as the levels seem overwhelming but try it you might be surprised. 


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