Developer: Happy Broccoli
PublisherFellow Traveller Games
Platforms: Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 22/03/2022
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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So how would I explain Kraken Academy’s!! Story? This is surprisingly hard to avoid spoilers. So I am going to do my best, however, this has to be up there for my favourite game so far in 2022.

You start your new school at Kraken Academy!!. As an unnamed teenage boy with his sister, Nadia. She hates you; she hates the fact you go to the same school and hates you even more as you will both be living in the dorms. Even if they are not the same ones, and did I mention she hates you?

You soon meet the Kraken that tasks you in freeing the four school spirits with a magical tentacle amulet. You have three days to save the world, no pressure at all. Are you lost? Then welcome to Kraken Academy!! 

Turns out that you can time travel between the last three days on Earth. And this loop will not end until you save everyone. As you repeat these last days, you will learn more and more about the school, the traitor and the Krakens’ last helper. As you progress, you will meet and befriend some very unique characters that are both interesting and totally weird. 

The story is daft, idiotic and totally batshit crazy. Not only is the story great but well written too, each character has a quirky personality and the overall story is far more interesting than it seems. 

kraken academy!! game

Time Travel!! 

The Kraken will task you with finding a spirit from each of the classes the school offers. Music, art, sport and drama. Each being protected by a different spirit that has been locked away in a student. These students need to be helped to unlock the spirit inside them. 

In order to find the student, you will need to talk to them all, and maybe help a few along the way. As you go to each area, you will join in a class to learn more about it and the students. Take on some tasks, witness some weird things. At some point in the 3 days, you will enter an event that will expand and continue the story and set the spirit free. These missions also have a strange resemblance to some other IPs out there. Even though there is a resembles to these, they are all totally absurd. 

Bar the events (that cannot be skipped) you are free to travel back in time to the start at any time. There is one small downside to this: everything resets. However, you keep any items you found. These items, when used, will cause different dialogs than before. There has been loads of work put into the different timelines to make them all work as you progress. 

Kraken Academy!! Is first and foremost a story based puzzle game, so it’s hard to explain the sheer madness and entertainment of the story. The weird comedy on show will not be for everyone, but if it clicks there is so much on offer. 

Arty Goodness!! 

Kraken Academy!! Is stunning, as much as a dilapidated and run down school can be. Everything in the game world has a pixel aesthetic that is not overly detailed, yet somehow makes the world just that more interesting. 

Where the art shines is in the anime styled visual novel styled sections, the characters are stunning detailed. That allows for far more expression and flamboyance to each of the characters’ personalities. 

Overall, I loved Kraken Academy!! The over the top everything just clicked with me and it is a total joy to play. This is also its biggest weakness, as if it does not click, you will not have as good a time. 

Kraken Academy!! Is worth the money if you are looking for a casual, absurd and just down right weird time travelling time this is for you… well maybe.  


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