Developer: Jin Wave Studio
Publisher: Jin Wave Studio
Platforms: PS4, Switch
Reviewed On: Switch, PC
Release Date: 12/05/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

Well, Jin Conception yeah! So I am in a bit of a bind I have to review the game but I do not know where to start. This is the first time in a long time that I have had a game where the negatives outweigh the positives.

Jin Conceptions story you play as (Levi…. why? why not). Who I can only surmise had a dream where he saw three heroes die when three characters enter Final Layer, however, only two vanish without a trace. They have charged the Hero Keith who returned with murder and you have to figure out what has happened. As well as decide who you trust or not trust out of the main characters.

The story here is the first issue in Jin Conception. The writing is bad, most of the story is there but it does not make much sense. There is no really back story why Levi is mixed in this, at the start of the game you are thrown in with no idea what’s happening.


Let’s move on to the gameplay. Here are some more problems I have bulleted point and explain here;

  • There is no real direction. You get txt telling you a story then told to go to X. You have to run about and hope you find out how to get there. There is a story review, but it is only a few lines long and does not help much.
  • There are no tutorials to help understand the games mechanics. Now yes it’s a JRPG, but there is so much in the game that makes no sense. The start, for instance, when you start as Levi you just have to wander about and hope something happens. I went to the forest to the north, got my arse handed to me in one hit.
  • The menus are strange for the first two hours of playing I did not know how to equip items. There is an equipment menu that lists everything. To equip said equipment you have to go to the party menu.
  • If you wipe, you will return to your last save. This does not sound too bad… You are wrong. Battles here come in two wats, firstly the enemies are on the screen to run in to or avoid. However, there are random battles. These normally have overpowered enemies and will kill you in no time. To progress I started saving after EVERY battle.
  • In battles the enemies hit like trucks, but your heals suck and healing items just disappear as you your HP might as well be non-existent.
  • Also, I feel most players will not know there is a battle escape input that you are not told for hours in to the game. I feel most players would quit before then. Pressing L and R together will make the party run from battle. about 12 hours in to the game.
  • Dungeons have no way to know what you have to do, press buttons and hope for the best. The first dungeon is the water dungeon, where you are tasked to find the book of truth. The party will press a button and a flower blooms and will heal you. There is another flower that I assumed you have to activate. Fight all the way to the top of the tower, nothing yep nothing. Running about a little figured I out killed the boss got a book. Do not know what I did to activate the fight, just did. Oh, and there is someone else already fighting with the Boss who joins the party cos Levi sort of knows him.
  • We cannot use healing items out of battle, nor healing Jin.
  • No character development, and characters are added with no rime or reason at times.
  • Wen talking to NPC’s the dialog with be about events that you do not know of, as well as txt boxes do not disappear, until you press A. Even if you leave the area you talked to the NPC.
  • ZL and ZR make green numbers appear on screen, for some reason.
  • Jin explanations are vague. There is a mechanic called balance….no idea what it is, how it affects the game.
  • Social deduction seemed tagged on as an extra idea, as we will not use it for hoursssssss.
  • There is more but I just cant….

Ok So not all of Jin Conception. The game looks lovely, and each area looks different. Makes it feel like a SNES game I will never say no to. Also, I did enjoy the sound track.

Jin Conception does not deliver on anything bar the graphics. I like the Concept and the wish to make a social deduction JRPG, and I will not lie Jin Conception has some potential but needs a lot of work done to fix the game. I really hope the problems will get fixed and Jin Conception becomes far better than it is now.

I wouldn’t recommend this game in its current form ever. I endured it for you all do not have to.


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