Developer: Berzerk Studio
PublisherThe Arcade Crew
Platforms: PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Serise X, PC
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 14/02/2022
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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What do you get if Castlevania and grotesque horror movie Hellraiser have a baby? You get Infernax. A violent monster mashing Castlevania, with a skill floor to match. But is it any good or will it make you feel sick?

Infernax sees the a great knight after a long crusade (I guess as he is dressed like a Knight Templar) return to his homeland. Only to find it has been overrun by evil magic and monsters and the undead are roaming the lands. 

The knight takes it upon yourself to stop the evil from spreading, and is tasked with traveling to five temples and killing the ruler. In order to destroy the pentagram seal upon the door that leads to the source of the evil.

I was not expecting much from the story, but it surprised me how well it was handled. From the cutscenes to just talking to the locals and getting more information about the world. I was pleasantly surprised.


We Have A Bleeder

Infernax is a metroidvania at hard, that has mixed in hardcore combat with an unhealthy helping of sanguination and evisceration. That makes Infernax a game to be remembered, but as a game its self is fantastic to play.

Right from the get go, Infernax does little in handholding, however if you have played any Castlevania or games of its ilk, you will feel right at home. The knight starts off squishy, only being able to take a couple of hits before you die in many violent ways. However, the monsters are also rather easy to kill, with a couple of hits.

Luckily, it does not take long for our hero to unlock new abilities and buy upgrades from the shop to make him slightly less squishy. Even with a simple upgrade, it made a difference you could take an extra hit, but you could also hit harder. 

Even with the lack of handholding and the difficulty of the game, there are plenty of ways to tailer the game to suit your skill level. With difficulty setting, cheats and some more. Making Infernax more accessible to more players.


These castles are done exceptionally well, with each feeling just about long enough to keep excited and not too long that they drag. Yes, they are filled with traps and monsters that will test your jumping skills to the limits, but they never felt unfair. It was more a case of ‘Shit, I jumped too early’ and not sections made artificially hard and you rage quit. 

As you would expect, the five castles you must traverse and overthrow the master are, of course, hell made real. One has to ask, did the architect’s design these places with falling spikes, lava and other traps, or were they added later?


Infernax boasts multiple endings and hidden morality meter that will change your interactions with NPCs and affect the ending you will receive. This adds more replayabilty (and stress).

Bloody Good Music

Infernax has got two of the key components of video games down to a tee. First, we have the stella graphics, that take me back to the SNES, and NES era, with a nice wee bloody twist.

It also has one hell of a soundtrack that gets stuck in your head and is just filled with nostalgia

Overall Infernax is a game that is more than the shock value of its graphics. It is a great game, with well-designed levels and platforming. It should sit proudly among some of the best metroidvaina’s around.

The only thing that would put people off is Infernax difficulty. And having was to mitigate the challenge will divide the player base. However, I have to say Infernax is a must have.


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