Developer: Julian Edison
Publisher: Dolores Entertainment
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 26/10/2020
Price£11.69 £7.01/$12.99 $9.09
*On Sale until 04/02/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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In Celebration Of Violence does what it says on the tin violence by the pixel pints (emphasis on the ‘S’).

The story is simple: with you are an unnamed adventure and the God of Violence has returned and you have to stop him. Good thing we are not here for a story in this randomly generated Rouge-like.

We want blood and LOTS OF IT!!!!!


Before you start your run, you will create a character from a selection of four classes. Each with varying stats and starting weapons. One thing I would point out (this going for all text in game) the font is rather small and is hard to read.

In celebration on Violence has been programmed in a way that will make you plan out your attacks with times and how many violent enemies you will want to face. Combat is slow and methodical; for example the swords have a delay after the swing, think is only a half second but this could be the difference of life and death. Making picking attacks a priority. The player is not totally defenceless there is a parry that will stun enemies when done successfully and an evade again make sure times are down.

Like in games such as Dark Souls or Hellpoint actions use up stamina. If we use the stamina up, it will stun the character for a short period. Along with this there is a hunger bar as this fills up and the higher it gets we will use the more stamina per action. As well as stamina, In Celebration of Violence uses Estus…I mean Surges to restore health. These are limited.

While playing you will die, and we will lose all the exp…..well, there is a percentage that will be kept. The exp can upgrade the stats of the character, such as more health, more attack power, and so on. These increases will be noticeable in the next run. Making progression and death worthwhile. It can also be used to purchase items in the run as well. Along with wood, Stone, glass, metal and gems.

One persistent problem I had was that the menu would at times not want to close without tapping the screen.


In Celebration of Violence is a brutal rouge-like that will challenge you. If you let it, but with its slower pace and the planning needed to take out enemies, it will not be for everyone. If you like the souls like games and blood, this could be for you.


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