Developer: MegaPixel Studio
PublisherForever Entertainment
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 15/12/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

In Hollow 2 you play as Mark who wakes up on the deck of the Shakhter-One. THe longer Mark roams around the empty ship, the more his mental health and family problems become more apparent.

Can Mark face the truth and stop the curse of the Hollowed Mining Station. As he purges the station of everything trying to kill you.

The story suffers the same fate as the rest of the game; it is dull. It is almost impossible to hear the narration unless you turn down the rest of the audio. 



In the Hallow 2 they have mixed the game up, instead of a laboriously slow horror walking style sim, with even worse combat. The developers have gone for a more action based game, with a hint of Doom (Just a hint don’t get excited). With a handful of easy dispatched bosses and short levels that are nothing more than wave based areas and plenty of button pushing.

As you wander about the station, you will encounter different enemy types that pose minor threat unless close up in a group. Luckily for Mark, there are plenty of weapons to be used to kill everything. Ok five weapons, to be used. With the starting pistol being by far the best, it has an overcharge shot that will kill almost everything in the blast radius. Other guns are useful, like the green ball shooting plasma rifle (not Doom). 

Controls feel sluggish and janky. It is almost like the devs made sure they are OK and moved on. They do a job, but do not feel responsive. 

Looks And Audio

The looks take on a darker and more ominous feeling, with most of the corridors being bathed in shadows. Leading to the terrible looking textured hidden for most of the game. Not that there is much to look at, from gray metal corridors to gray metal stairs and the same consoles used everywhere. You are not missing much. 

With all this dark, the last thing I wanted to see was bright enemies, so it increased the horror feel. Yeah, I was let down the enemies glow yellow or red mostly, so spotting them is a simple matter. Losing the horror feel. The only graphical aspect I really liked was the HUD. As Mark is in a space style suit, the HUD works like a computer screen lagging with the refresh line going down the field of vision. This does not affect the gameplay but was a nice wee touch.

Audio is forgettable, the guns all sound ok, the music is subpar, and Mark’s footsteps are horrid. The voice actors, especially the maniacal female antagonist, is by far the best part of the game. She does a great job of informing the player of the narrative and sound rather off the rails while doing it.

Overall Hollow 2 is a step up from Hollow, however is still only just a passable game. Most of the game is boring, with very little challenge or fun to be had. It is still a far better game than Hollow… somehow.

I wouldn’t bother with Hollow 2. There are far too many better FPS out there.


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