Developer: Black Matter
PublisherTeam 17
Platforms: PS5, Xbox Serise X, PC
Reviewed On: PS5
Release Date: 05/10/2021
Price£34.99 $24.49/$39.99 $27.99
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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It is not everyday you get to play a game where the title is basically what happens while playing. Hell Let Loose is a PVP multiplayer game that sees two teams of twenty-five players going head to head in two massive game modes.

Hell Let Loose game
Hell Let Loose game

Game Modes

Hell Let Loose has two game modes: Offensive and Warfare. Both modes essentially are zone control with slight rule change.

Offensive – one team it defending while the other is attacking. The defending team owns all the zones and has to defend them against the attackers. While the attackers have to take each zone to win.

Warfare – Splits the map equally between the teams and who has the most by time up wins.

Communion Is Key

Each of the two teams, regardless of the nation, are all set up in the same way. Assault, amour and recon. Each of these teams plays a vital role in the war effort. Amour can drive and three people man tanks, while reckon with its spotter and sniper can take out targets from a fair and assault makes up most of the players. There is also one over-all commander that can direct the flow of battle.

The assault troops have multiple roles, from machine gunners, engineers and medics. The players are broken down in to group of up to six players. Each having a commander, who can deploy respawn points, and the rest of the team comprises different roles.

However, it does not matter the team combo if you do not talk. As talking and working as a team is the only effective way to play is to stay together and talk, to work as a team as best as possible. If you do not, it will be a very isolating experience. And annoying as you die tonnes, while communicating, let alone not.

Unfortunately, communication is its biggest let down, as most of the players you meet do not want to communicate and just play. Making the game even harder than it already is. The idea behind the communication aspect is great, but flawed.

Not Your Normal FPS

Hell Let Loose is one of these games where the skill floor is high. It’s not impossible to get to being decent, but it will take a while. In my first four games I saw one enemy, but died ridiculous amount of times. I kept at it and started playing as a medic where I started to shine, reviving people who have fallen. While holding my own in a fight.

You will die in Hell Let Loose like you’re playing Dark Souls in hard mode, but the more you play and do not give up, the better you will get. And again, communication is key!!!

Overall, Hell Let Loose is not for a casual audience it keeps you on your toes at all times, or your back as you are killed in action more than you kill. But if you have the grit to push through the learning curve, there is a great game there.

Hell Let Loose is not for everyone being hard and communication centered. I have to say go in with a buddy or a full team to get the best of of the game.


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