Developer: Pridful Sloth
Publisher: 505 Games
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: PS4
Release Date: 16/11/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Grow: Song of the Evertree is from the developers’ Prideful Sloth. I think this says it all regarding what to expect. And to be honest, it is a rather relaxing experience.

In Grow: Song of the Evertree, you are the last of your kind; an Alchemist. Set in the magical world of Alaria, it is your job to revive the world and the Evertree. As the Evertree has stopped growing and dark vines have taken Alaria over.

It is by happenchance that you are the one person who can restore the magic to the Evertree and revive its long-lost song. You must return the world to the beautiful, thriving place it used to be.

As stories go, it is a bit bland, but enough to keep the game ticking on. With more and more story being alluded to each time the Alchemist sleeps.


Cute, Relaxing and Addictive. These three words sum up Grow: Song of the Evertree perfectly. 


The character models are cartoonish and whimsical in style. With a couple of oddities in there, like robot looking folks, dog like beings and let’s not forget the Everkin the wee teleporting mythical creatures.

The world its self has plenty of cuteness as well, with the animals; multicoloured goats things, hound type thing with leafs for eats, larger ox like animals and plenty of fish and bugs too. 

Everything about the world is cute and cartoonish in nature. This art style leads itself to the overall feel of the game.


There is no shooting, no stamina bar, there is a day and night cycle, but it is very generous each day can be ended at anytime by going to bed. You will clean up worlds, planting seeds and watering them, picking nuts and fruit, caring for animals and catching bugs. Mostly.

There is a simple world builder as well, like in sim city but without having to manage the infrastructure. All you need to do is move people in, give them jobs and complete the few quests they will give you. These quests are simple, for example; give someone a particular fruit from your current seed world.

There is no stress in Grow: Song of the Evertree everything just works out nicely.


Grow: Song of the Evertree has a simple but deep gameplay loop. As you start a day, you will get up and given the simple daily mission. Complete the tasks on the seed world. These Seed Worlds are places on the Evertree that allow Alaria to grow and get more people to want to move back. 

The tasks are simple, as I mentioned. There is a tick list that has specific things to collect, I.E fish, nuts, plants bugs and so on. This made me want to collect everything in the world (more on why later). 

Each world has several expansions to open and complete. It takes three in game days to get the section of the world to flourish. That will open up the next section. Until it is complete. Animals that you interact will become friendly and you can adopt them and put them in nature reserves you can unlock.

While you are planting, cleaning and looking after these worlds, you will get shards that act as money that allow you to purchase ingredients. Along with upgrading items for the shops you have built. 

Once the jobs in the tree are done, it’s time to check on the citizens and the world under the tree. It is a very simple world builder. You can have a set number of houses and shops per area. With shop and houses being expandable and allowing for more occupancy. This allows more people to stay in the area.

As you progress, you will get side missions to keep people happy, find hidden items and diary entries that expand on the world’s lore. Let’s just say there is plenty to do.


Well, we are an Alchemist, so best we talk a little about it. As you expanding your worlds and cleaning up. You will collect cosmetic items like hair styles, glasses and so on and other things like plants, nuts, rocks, etc. There are used in alchemy. In your well house you have a friend called Copper Pot, who will transmute these items in to elements. 

These elements can then create new seeds for new worlds. Depending on the elements used will drastically change how the new world develops and what it will grow. As it is possible to delete worlds that you have already developed, this gives an almost unlimited unique combination of worlds to create. 


As you are doing everything in this world as no one else can. You will get rewarded for your friend Book (Who is a Book) as you do X amount of actions. For example, interact with 10 animals or complete a request. There are loads of things to get rewarded for. These rewards also help progress the game with blueprints becoming available once unlocked. Allowing for different building and so on. 

This also helps with keeping players engaged and wanting to see what else they will get for doing basic tasks.

There Is A Problem In Paradise

There are two issues in the game that are annoying. They will not stop you having fun but are just annoying. The first being load times from leaving an area to the world map. This feels overly long. 

The other one is graphically the game needs work. This is more aimed at the grass and some pop in. Sometimes I would run around and random patches of grass would vanish. And yes, it was in fully developed areas. I also had tress appear out of nowhere a couple of times. 

Overall, Grow: Song of the Evertree does a great job of pulling you in and keeping you playing with what is on offer. With a few technical problems that can be fixed. I really enjoyed my time with Grow: Song of the Evertree. The gameplay loop will not before everyone, but if you like these type of sim games, you will have a great time.

If you are looking for a relaxing world building sim, then this could before you.


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