Developer: Demagog Studio
Publisher: Untold Tales
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 03/09/2021
Price£8.99 £6.74/$9.99 $7.49
On sale until 14/09/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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I have to say I am not a fan of sports games. Then something comes along and catches my attention. It does not happen a lot buy Gold Club Wasteland made me want to try it. Did I regret it?

Golf Club Wasteland is three stories coming together to make one over arcing story and it works really well. The first part comes from the Radio station that tells of events that have happened on earth (as well as playing splendid music.) There are the diary entries the Golfer finds if he finished the course in X amount of shots and the third and most interesting it the visitor who is watching you play.

Each of these narrative parts comes together to give the player a complete picture of what happened on Earth to make it a Golf Course. 
Right before the tee, the game had me listening to the music and the narrative going on. And the production value is outstanding, one of the best I have heard in a game for a long time (That’s just the music). Callers all talk in their native tongue, making us feel connected again. The story is very profound and will make you think about a lot of things.


The simple act of Golf

The gameplay is what you expect from Golf, get the ball in the hole in as little shots as possible. That’s it, simple, right? Not really. This is not a normal golf course. It is more dynamic and puzzle filled golf course.Gold Club Wasteland has made use of the world and its environments, making 38 holes of head scratching puzzles. One course could be a simple punt over a small river, then the next is trying to clear a boat by platforming the ball up and over the front to find the hole in a lifeboat. 

The controls are simple: moving the left stick will change the direction of the swing and the power and A to swing. There is almost no UI bar the swing bar that shows the angle you are going to hit the ball. 

The controls are intuitive and easy to get to grips with. Then you come to a platforming section and it is a case of figuring out the power needed to land on the small ledge. It is still fantastic to play and I have not played a game like this before personally. This is a true easy to learn and hard to master control set.

I looked at Golf Club Wasteland as a game of crazy golf/pitch and putt mixed in to a mental game of golf. As you will be mainly be performing drop shots and chips, mostly. And the power from the swing will never be enough to clear a section on its own. 

There is a tonne of scope for replaying each course as you need your scorecard to the highest under as you can. Not only to show you are the best at the game but to unlock all the story. 

Overall Gold Club Wasteland is a masterclass in sound design and voice acting, while mixing in a fun, simple gameplay. I loved every swing I took, even the ones I messed up (that was a lot). This is not for someone who wants to enjoy the pure golf experience.

I highly recommend Golf Club Wasteland to anyone for something a little different and relaxing. 


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