Developer: SongBird Games
Publisher: PixelHeart
Platforms: PS4, Switch, XBox One, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 28/01/2021
Price£17.99/$19.99 $12.99
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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You play as one of the four members of the Golden Force, who have set off to Muscle Island. They are going to kill The Demon King, as well as make plenty of gold along the way.

Simple, just the games pick up and play mechanics, it is good to have something simple to turn off to and kill everything in your way and collect the shiny-shiny.


In terms of gameplay Golden Force harkens back to SNES style of jump, attacks/combo attacks, dashes and attacks can be powered up by holding the button. Each of the four characters; Gutz, Spina, Drago, and Elder all play the same however the animations are different. It is also possible to juggle enemies by pressing up this will increase the dreaded combo meter. Ok, I do like the combo meter it will increase the overall score of the level.

The weapons are close range, and I mean close range, it feels like you have to be in enemies face to hit them. This leads to its own problems as not being able to see when you are getting attacked, more so when there are enemies on both sides. This makes parts of the games hard for the wrong reasons, unfortunately.

Talking of hard lets talk about the camera, well more so the transition camera, it makes moving well down hard work. As when swimming the camera keeps you near the bottom of the screen, this makes dodging some attacks impossible. It is annoying as our hero’s life is low as it is.

The game is hard in all stages of the game, from the array of enemies and the boss fights that are just basically a nightmare in pixel form. They are a multilayer nightmare. With some being so big, they take up most of the screen. Do not fear hero you are not alone, in this battle, well you are (unless you play multiplayer) you can upgrade each hero with all the hard earned gold, making it a little easier. 


Golden Force it a decent game, overall, but it is so hard in places. This will be off-putting for a lot of players, it’s not like Souls-likes where you can ‘get gud’ the enemies spawn in your face and the attack range is so small it makes things harder.

Golden Force will only be for the select group, it’s a decent game but there is better out there.


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