Developer: Clever Beans Ltd.
PublisherDeep Silver, Koch Media
Platforms: PS4, Switch, XBox One, XBox Serise X,PC
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 13/02/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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As the love for Viking’s is growing, so is the game involving them. And why not? The Sagas are tales of might warriors and mights beasts, of Vikings who sailed to new lands and discovered wealth and a new home. As well as the rich lore of gods and bloodshead. Let’s be honest who does not love a good saga?

Here we have Gods Will Fall, a rouge-like experience that pits the Viking’s against the Gods who are defiling their lands and people. By granting death to all that do not bow down to them. As we all know, Vikings are not the type to be ruled, so off set an army for only 7 to survive the storms that destroyed everything else. Can this group take down the gods?

gods will fall enemy

Gods Will Fall is a dungeon crawler that pits the Vikings up against seven gods. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is from a gameplay point of view; Square for light combo, Trinagle for heavy attacks and jump and dodge. Easy to start with and to get to grips. It’s when the chosen Viking enters a Dungeon the game escalates.

Each dungeon will have its difficulty randomly generated, I know sounds weird, but it works really well. So you enter a dungeon with a chosen Viking (who you choose is important more later) and with in the first few moments you are dead. As being a Souls-Like it can be hard. At this point you have three options. Restart the game, go in again or go away and come back for the lost soul when you are stronger. We do not want to lose a body so you send someone else in, and you basically fly though the dungeon boss and all. It happened to me. This is also the hook that drives you back to the game, save everyone inside the dungeon, and by God I went back and back. Well done Clever Bean.

Vikings are important, as they each have their own fighting style, such as duel axes or spear, for example. The dungeon can affect stats. It all depends on what the personal struggles of the warrior that are entering. There is the possibility of a buff in stats or losing stats. If you lose stats you will know about it.

Gods Will Fall looks stunning with the depth and scope of the world and dungeons and the animations are on point. This is not realistic by any standards, however, it suits the game and just look beautiful. Only real problem I had is the camera, it had its own idea of where it was to be and I fell to my death.

gods will fall vikings

Gods Will Fall is a stellar soul-like and deserves the love. Each victory felt as if I worked for it, each fight was challenging and saving any lost warriors had me hooked. If you need a stunning-looking game and a challenging, this is for you. Gods Will Fall deserves a place with the best soul-like’s games out there.

This is a buy from me.


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