Manufacturer: geoteck
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: Out Now!
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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The geoteck WX4 Premium Wireless Controller looks like a Pro Controller. But how good is it really compared to the best Switch controller (I have used so far)?

The Design

The WX4’s design is what you would expect from decent ergonomic designed controller, with the left thumb stick higher than the right for a more natural feeling design. And all other buttons in the normal configuration. The controlled it self fitted snuggle in my hands and there was no over stretching to press any buttons. There is also a rumble function.

Where most third party manufactures seem to fail, however, is the feel when tapping a face button. geoteck, have obviously looked at this and made an effort to make the WX4 face buttons have an almost mechanical feel. Whereby you tap a button, you and hear and feel it click, knowing that you have definitely pressed it. It also has two programmable buttons on the back of the controller.

The shoulder buttons were not overlooked. These have had some love as well. When depressing the ZR and ZL buttons, there is some physical but smooth feeling resistance to the presses. Nothing that will hinder pressing them. They have a smooth depression, and they do not feel as if you press them half a dozen times they will brake on the inside.

In order to turn the WX4 on the home button needs to be pressed for 5 seconds. After using a Pro controller for the past few years and being able to just press a button to turn it on, I was confused to start with. However, thinking about it if you are transporting your Switch and the Pro controller in a bag doe instance. Every time you move and the Pro Controller moves, it will try to sync with the Switch using up battery time. With the WX4, that will not happen. The battery life is decent also I have used the pad for just over a week and have not recharged yet. (This will be dependent on play time in total)

wx4-controller-army camo

The BAD!

While geoteck has made a great functioning controller, there is one MASSIVE problem I have with the WX4. This is that it feels cheap and that if you drop, it will smash. 

The feeling is that of cheap plastic that you would expect on a child’s pretend controller. Not one that would get hours of use a day/week. I honestly thought that it would brake in my hands if I held it too tightly. To add to the flimsily feeling there is almost no weight to the WX4. It is the shell and the components. I have always liked my controllers to have some weight to them. Not only as it is my preference, but it also makes the controllers feel more durable.

I will not lie the WX4 is a great pad and a fantastic alterative to the Switch Pro Controller. at around £24.99 from most retailers. That is just it a great alternative as the actual construction is very poor and feels flimsy. But for the price Can’t say no.

I would still recommend a Pro controller over the WX4, but I would not say no if I needed a replacement.


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