Developer: Bitten Toast Games
Publisher: Bitten Toast Games
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 26/08/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

Garden Paws is a Kickstarter game that was successfully funded, and it reflects what the duo devs wanted in a game. For that I cannot fault as gaming is the best media to make an experience the devs what. But is it any good? Let’s find out.

In Garden Paws you inherit your grandparent’s farm/shop, as they have decided to travel the world. As you are new to the area, it makes total sense that you have to build up the town again and help the locals.

Joking aside, the story is not really an aspect of Garden Paws. After the intro, you are left to do what you like. It is a game exploration and making your adventure.


How do you describe what Garden Paws is?

I would say Garden Paws is a farming, exploration, crafting, selling, gathering, animal raising, fishing, quest galore, customisation mad, multiplayer, fantasy game. There is a lot in there to keep you entertained if you like any of that list.

The shop is open

The main goal in the game’s beginning is to make money as you need money to expand the town, farm, garden, house and well everything. And what better way to do so than a shop? It is a simple process. The shop can be open from 12 to 6 every day. As long as you have items on the tables, characters will buy them. With over 1000 items you can sell from, plants/flowers, rocks, building materials, fish and a tonne of other stuff. 

Helping the locals

The locals in their own shop and inhabit the town will have quests for you to complete. Mainly simple gathering quests, building quest and so on. Each with their own rewards. Oh, and there are around 700 quests. Like most quest lead game they teach you how to expand on the game mechanics and so on. So worth doing. 

Also, the locals are very understanding if you do not what to do their quest for a year or so, there is no time limit on them. Making for a relaxing experience with no need to do anything but what you want.


So I love a good dragon, and when I saw I could be one in the game (even a chibi cute version) I had to. However, there is 10 races to be that can be customised with over with a ridiculous amount of skin colours and items to wear.


There is the ability to have up to three others in the game helping you or you joining someone else’s game. You can play with friends or strangers. I unfortunately did not get to try. I never found an open game. I feel this is more for playing with friends. I always had my game online and open and no one joined.

The Downside

So Garden Paws, mostly, has loads to offer in every way possible. But there are a few problems, nothing major. Most just made the game feel off in some way.

The items you get in your inventory and the ID boxes over items are all 2D (this is not the problem). There is a white jagged outline around the items as if they have been copied and pasted over and not full cropped. It could be intentional to highlight the item, but for me it looks weird.

The over all look will not be for everyone. It has a very cute chibi vibe with some poorer textures here and there. 

I found the controls sensitivity to be way too high; They have poorly optimised it for the Switch. Even when turning it down, it was still not great. 

Overall, Garden Paws has a lot to offer if you give it the time to get going. There is easy 50 hours worth of base content to get through. This is not including all the time you will spend on the farm. I really enjoyed my time playing when I figured out what to do, like all farming games, it’s a case of wandering and discovering.

Garden Paws will not be for everyone, but if you like these types of games could be worth the plunge in to Garden Paws (but you best be a Dragon).


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