Developer: Anshar Studios
PublisherUntold Tales
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 01/07/2022
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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In Gamedec you play as a game detective (a Gamedec). You will need to enter video games to solve crimes, from blackmail, murder, and human trafficking.

In the world of Gamedec there are two world Realisum, the real world and Virtualium, the game world. Both of these worlds will need to be explored in order to solve the cases you are on. 

The game is based on The Gamedec Saga by Polish author Marcin Przybyłek (that I am so going to read).

Gamedec game

All Talk

Gamedec falls in that category of RPGs that try not to be RPGs, but are RPGs, by being point-and-click styled narrative based games. Disco Eylisum comes to mind. There are no action sections, just a deep and engaging narrative.

It’s a good thing that the narrative of each case is engaging and shocking in places. Where your major source of information and upgrade abilities comes from the questions you ask, the answers you give. Depending on the type of questions asked or skills used, you will get one of three tokens that allow for different narrative options.

Even with the games, good narrative direction and the well done who-done-it tropes. I found it hard to actually like any NPC or my own Gamedec. As it focused, each reply on just help or hinder each NPC felt flat and uninspired.

Satire central

I have to give Gamedec some major kudos on the world building. More so in the virtual world, as each case has a different but recognisable take on some of the biggest games around. 

As well as showing the current addiction to electronic devices and our ever fading grip on reality we have. It is done in a tasteful yet in your fae way.

A Few Bugs In The System

Bar the NPCs being somewhat unlikeable, there are a few other niggling problems Gamedec has. None of these problems actually take away from the fun just annoyed me.

The menus are a bit of a convoluted for switch; I went to the wrong menu to check out facts. Along with the pop-ups telling you information about a character, be it helpful or not. 

There are also some control issues that made navigating the words a bit of a nightmare when they start. 

Overall, Gamedec is a great narrative adventure, that is not for the kids. It tackles some dark subjects but does it well. With well written narrative that is tasteful while tackling each case.

Gamedec has a few bugs, nothing that ruin the experience, but they are in your face and impossible to miss. But t is worth playing definitely.


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