Developer: Inti Creates
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 12/02/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Ten years ago, a game came out that shocked (not in a bad way) us all right to our panties, Gun Gal. This ecchi rail shooter was both loved and hated. I remember having many a chat with friends about how daft it was, where I was defending it, saying ti actually rather fun. WELL ITS BACK BOYS….BOOM!!

Gal*Gun Returns story is one of mistake, love, panties and happy endings; Serously! Patako the new cupid on the block targets an unpopular boy in High School Tenzou. Tenzou is only meant to get hit by one arrow, but as Patako is inept; she hits him with sixteen. Making him totally unrestable to the opposite sex, with one small draw back; he has one day to find love or he will never get a chance again.

Tenzou, has his standards and only wants to be with select girls. However, these girls he likes are immune to his new gift. Tenzou needs to get them to fall in love with him while fending off endless steams of less that adequate suiters. Do not worry, our hero of love has one all-powerful weapon at his side to fend back the hordes of young ladies after him. The Pheromone Gun, making them explode with joy and reach ecstasy so he can find his true love.


Gun Gal Returns story is well somewhat off the beaten path. However, the gameplay is just shooting girls tat run at you and hit them in the weak points. That is pretty much the game in a nutshell. With a few added extras that mix up the gameplay a little. There are some interesting talks with all the potential mates for Tenzou. With a Visual Novel style will affect, if only a little, how much the girl will like him. There are all so weird boss fights like the old Hentai tentacle monster. Where you have to shoot specific parts to beat it with in a time limit.

Unfortunately, being 10 years old, has shown the limitations of the game itself, moreover if you compare it to the sequels. Gal Gun Returns Hindges on its cocept and the funny one liners alone. Whereas double peace delves deeper in to the girls and there personalities, for instance. So we have to take Gal Gun Returns for what it is, an ecchi rail shooter.

Graphically Gun Gal Returns looks lovely with its anime style school girls and world. Along with the the totally out there bosses and situations. You can tell there has been a lot of effort put in to this. Upgrades seem to have come to the audio department as well.

Only thing I have to say it this is not for kids.


Taking Gun Gal Returns at face value it is just a rail shooter with girls not zombies men trying to take you out. It has a lovely visual style and a totally wacky story. DO not go in to this thinking you will get some deep in-depth story it wears it heart on its sleeve.

I still enjoyed the game, but if you played this first time around, however, at full price I would wait on a sale. There is nothing you seen before.


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