Developer: Nomad Games
Publisher: Dovetail Games
Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Serise X, PC
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 28/10/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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I have come very late in to the board game genera. It is not through the lack of trying; it is more down to no one wanted to play them when I was younger or limited time. So when I find a digital version for a board game, I look up and take note. Here we have the Fury of Dracula. 

The Fury of Dracula is based on the 4th edition of the rules, so the game has been streamlined and they have changed the rules throughout its lifetime. Games Workshop initially released the Fury of Dracula back in 1987, so this game has a long life. 

The main aim is to find Dracula and stop him from gaining too much influence over Europe. This is a hidden movement deduction game; in short, Dracula is not seen on the board until the hunters track him down.


What Is The Aim

You have a couple of options of play, solo, 2 player up to 5 local and online. I have to say coop if a far better experience than solo. The solo is good for learning the flow of the game. As the AI is very rudimentary in its tactics. two or more players are a must for the most fun.

If you are playing two players, then one will be Dracula while the other will play as all four hunters. It sounds weird, but it’s not really think of it as an RPG and the hunters are your party. If more players, they will control a hunter each. Then, as I mentioned, the hunters have to track down and kill Dracula before he moves 13 times without being killed or kills all the hunters. It does not seem long, but in reality it is. 


There is a simple day and night system that is integral to the gameplay, as the hunters can act during the day and at night, whereas Dracula can only move at night. This really does not hinder Dracula at all. 


The hunters get two turns each day. During the day, hunters can move to any adjacent town, train (if they have a ticket) and on a boat. In order to deduce where Dracula is. At night, the hunters get an extra move. Here they can buy tickets and rest to heal after a fight. 
Fury of Dracula is not as mean as to let players randomly move about Europe and hope they find their target. After each move the Dracula makes, he will need to place his current location next to the other locations face down. If a hunter lands on a location that was visited four nights ago, they will turn the card over in Dracula’s hand and the hunters know he is three towns away. Working together, they will hunt him down.


As he is a vampire, he can only move at night, just like the hunters, to adjacent towns. If the hunters can push him into the sea, he will take one damage per turn, he is on the sea. He does not appear on any hunter screen. However, being the Prince of Darkness, he has a few tricks up his sleeve. After leaving a town, he will leave a trap behind to hinder the hunters, also blockades to distract Hunters. To cover Dracula’s escape. Also, after each successful move, he raises his influence over Europe.


When a Hunter finds Dracula or vice versa, a fight will begin. It is highly unlikely to defeat Dracula in the first fight. In the fights Dracula has more options than hunters as he has a wider array of cards. Fights will last up to six rounds and is a kind of rock, paper, scissors type game. There are three different symbols on attacking cards. If two of the same symbols are played, they nullify Draculas attacks. 

As a vampire, Dracula has a chance of biting the hunters. If this happens, they will end up wishing they were dead. And if bitten several times, they will be. If a Each party can escape the battle with one difference, Dracula needs to play a couple of attack cards before he can run away.

The best way to take on Dracula is to have two Hunters take on the old vampire, as he can only take on one hunter per round, so if he nullifies the attack of one Hunter, the other Hunter can attack. And if Dracula is killed in battle, it is game over and the Hunters stop the evil spreading.

A Few Transition Problems

The first thing that you will notice about playing Fury of Dracula in local multiplayer is that when it is Dracula’s turn, the pad will be passed over and the rest of the players need to look away from the screen until the turn is over. It is a pain in the ass, but it’s the only way to do it.

As this is a board game, it loses the feeling of playing with others, and loses a load of fun with local coop looking away from the screen. Fury of Dracula is best played online with friend in party chat. It will be the closet to a round the table game night.

The big problem for myself is the game is so goddamn slow. There is no way to speed up animations or turn speeds. I am not kidding about the game it slow, very slow. It needs a speed up function.

Fury of Dracula overall is a decent remake of a classic to video games. It has it problems granted, but if you can get a group together, it can be a load of fun online. It is still good locally but just annoying looking away to not see where Dracula is. It is also a far cheaper way to play, as the physical game can set you back a lot.

Would I recommend Fury of Dracula; only if you have others to play with as alone. Otherwise, it is not worth it. As solo play gets boring fast.


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