Developer: CookieByte Entertainment
Publisher: ALL IN! GAMES
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 13/08/2021
Price£17.99 £13.49/$19.99 $14.99
Onsale until 05/09/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Fort Triumph is an interesting blend of X-Com like battles and heros of Might and Magic exploration. And it does not take it’s self seriously in the slightest. 

You control a band of misfit adventures who band together to hopefully not face unemployment by taking on any job. 

Like I said, not serious. The games dialog is well written and entertaining. It makes fun of other games and gaming trends. There are a few hilarious one liners in there that made me laugh a little too hard.

Fort Triumph-game

Fort Triumph is split in to two sections when it comes to gameplay.


In the over world, you can have up to three teams moving around the map completing objectives and collecting resources. I highly recommend this tactic, as it will help in the long run. Each of the maps is procedurally generated with side quests, random events and treasures and resource nodes to find. Being a RPG player of old, I like a pleasant adventure so as much as possible I left the beaten path and went to see what I can find. There is plenty to find.

As well as adventuring, you have your own Fort (didn’t see that coming, did you) to upgrade and increase your chances of survivability in the world. These upgrades a fairly simple from better weapons and armour to increasing party size and so on. There is no equipment, just the gear gets better the more you invest in the fort.


Here is where Fort Triumph shines in its physics based battle system. Making most thing a weapon to use by your team and the enemy team. It is loads of fun. The combat is like X-Com with movement range cover and attacks. Where it differs is most cover is also a possible weapon of death. Characters will have abilities to push or pull items or enemies. Meaning that tree you have 100% cover behind can be toppled and cause massive damage to the character behind it. This added an extra tactical layer of where to take cover. 

As you take out the enemy, your characters will level up. The developers have kept things simple. Each class will have starting abilities that can be improved or you can unlock pick one of three random abilities. The new abilities can be overly powerful or fairly pointless, also good to check what you can get each level up.

Overall, Fort Triumph is a great game that has plenty to offer. Being a fan of the tactical RPG, I love the addition of the physics style battles. With its witty narrative, there is something really entertaining here.

If you like X-Com and want something a little less serious, this is for you. 


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