Developer: Lategra
Publisher: Aksys Games
Platforms: Switch
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 27/05/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Fishing Fighters is a fishing game with an anime twist and heavy visual novel influences. That makes for a good single player experiences.

You play as Kaito who, after receiving a letter from his father, enters the world fishing tournament on Mizugami Island. Who after learning the basics of the tournament he has a one on one with his childhood friend Etica. Etica’s father Ivan the president of the company who runs Mizugami Island had banned her from fishing, however her love and drive for fishing was heightened after meeting Kaito.

With a cast of strange and interesting characters who will be the champion of Mizugami Island.


Gameplay for Fishing Fighters, is both fun and frustrating at the same time. However, it is a tonne of fun from the get go. For fishing, you only get to see Kaito’s body, head and fishing pole. You can fish basically anywhere with water. Here is the first problem we have playing Fishing Fighters. The game wants you to be in the water. Yes, you get a boat if you get in the water, however, if you are ever so slightly back from almost falling in you cannot cast. It becomes frustrating as the margin from being back from the water is so small. 
For casting and reeling in Fishing Fighters, give a few options using the joycon to imitate casting and fishing to the pro pad and connected to the switch. Each feels good and simple to use. One word of caution: make sure you pick the right input as the game will not play.

I used the pro controller. This was a case of holding R then pulling the right stick back the let go a R and you will cast. Before casting you will need to pick the lure bait rod and depth that is needed to catch the fish you are need for the competition. It sounds hard, but it’s a case of paying attention to the story and trail and error. Once a fish is interesting in the bait, a marker will appear on the screen and you have three choices: wait, move the rod and reel in a little. Depending on the fish they will be interested in different combos of each. Once the bar is full, pull back on the Right stick to hook the fish. Then it is a case of reeling in the fish and fighting the fish by moving the Right stick the opposite was the arrow appears. This section is fast and furious but a ton of fun.

The story mode has a relatively deep and long story I was not expecting from a Fishing game. With lovely drawn characters and delivered as a visual novel The story hits all the anime tropes, and it well wrote. On the art style, the fish are the best looking fish I have seen in a game (had to get that in).

Fishing Fighters has a multiplayer mode that I did not get the chance to try but I could see this being a great party game.

Overall Fishing Fighters is a fun fishing simulator with a good story and fun fishing mechanics. I was not expecting to enjoy a fishing game as much as I did, but this one is fun.

If you want something a little different give Fishing Fighters a look it might surprise you.


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